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Clear-Com HKB-2X Speaker Station with S-Mount

NewBay Media’s Best of Show Pro Audio Group Winner at InfoComm 2014

Clear-Com HKB-2X

Following the successful introduction of the HelixNet Partyline family in 2012, Clear-Com has introduced the new HKB-2X Speaker Station with S-Mount enclosure for allowing users to expand its HelixNet system and extend their intercom access to cover more production ground. In many applications where space is limited, having a small intercom panel mounted on the wall or sitting on the work desk is advantageous for various operational workflow without sacrificing functionality or features.

Unique to the four-channel HKB-2X HelixNet Speaker Station is its ability to monitor all four and communicate on any two available intercom channels at any given time. On the facing of the panel are intuitive controls and display capabilities for ease of use. The adjustable OLED display can be repositioned for the best viewing experience. The display shows the name and relative level of each selected channel. The menu is accessed via a front-panel push button, with parameter selection and scrolling controlled by the left and right Call buttons and rotary channel level controls. The embedded, legendary “Clear-Com Sound” delivers superior, digital quality sound for a highly intelligible audio experience.

The HKB-2X Speaker Station is powered though a single screened twisted pair PL cable, Power over Ethernet or external wall AC adapter. Two XLR-3 connectors are provided, allowing the Speaker Station to be daisy-chained on the intercom line. By using a combination of power sources, up to 60 user devices can effectively be on the system simultaneously. The integral loudspeaker is powered with an amplifier providing 5 watts RMS, with a frequency response of 30 Hz to 10 kHz, +/-3 dB.

The HKB-2X Speaker Station can either be wall mounted into a 4-gang standard electrical box or could be fitted into a portable S-Mount enclosure which yields to a dimension of 10.4” width x 6.9” high x 6.7” deep. The sleek and modern-looking S-Mount is made out of die cast aluminum, to provide a durable and light-weight housing for the Speaker Station. The rake is easily adjustable for selecting a best viewing position per user. Raised sides protect the knobs of the HKB-2X speaker station from impact. Anti-slip feet help prevent movement when using the S-Mount on a desktop. For temporary setup, the screw holes provided on the S-Mount allow simple and quick surface mounting. Mounted speaker stations can be carried face-to-face if needed due to keyed lugs for easy stacking.

The rear plate of the S-Mount has XLR-3M/F loop-thru and one RJ45 LAN connector for connecting to the intercom. Optional power methods include Powerline (XLR intercom connection), Power-over-Ethernet (RJ45 Ethernet intercom connection via third party power source), or Universal AC/DC power supply. The HelixNet Partyline platform is powered by the groundbreaking IP-based I.V.Core Technology. All audio channels and distributed power can run on a facility’s standard IT network infrastructure via an Ethernet/LAN connection. This capability makes HelixNet cost-effective and easy to deploy for any size facility.

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