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Community To Debut VLF218 Subwoofer at NAMM

Chester, PA (January 10, 2011)--Community is introducing an updated version of its VLF218  subwoofer at NAMM this week. 

Chester, PA (January 10, 2011)–Community is introducing an updated version of its VLF218 subwoofer at NAMM this week.

Joining the existing VLF208 and VLF212 models, the newly updated VLF218 is a dual 18-inch subwoofer system with a slim profile, Baltic birch-ply enclosure, power handling of 1600W continuous (4000W program) and sensitivity of 99dB/W/m. Additionally, the drivers may be configured internally to be driven by a single amp (1600W @ 4 ohms) or by dual amplifiers (800W @ 8 ohms each).

According to Community, the VLF218 uses a combination of techniques to keep voice coil temperatures low to avoid power compression that causes reduced output at higher volume levels. Using a proprietary method known as Active-Air Cooling, the motor structures of each driver are situated inside of the port where the outside moving air actively removes heat from the assembly. Additionally, cone movement drives air through the vented magnet pole-piece to cool the motor structures further.

BCL (Balanced Cone Loading) balances the front and rear air loads. The 3rd harmonic distortion at 40V (50% power) reportedly averages less than 1.9% over its operating range and the enclosure has internal bracing to reduce sound energy losses from enclosure vibration.

Standard units are fully outfitted with pocket lifting handles, corner “hand truck” bar grip handles, tour grade casters, top and bottom stacking cups and rubber feet. Standard available options include front and rear Seat Track, pole sockets, custom colors, and fiberglass covered weatherized versions.

In addition to being on display at the Community Booth (Booth # 6940), visitors to NAMM will be able to hear the VLF218 in action as part of the Community system powering the live Wanna Play Stage, which features daily performances outside the NAMM Arena entrance.

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