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Live Sound

Creating Comms for Sight & Sound Theatres’ Biblical Productions

A massive theater with equally massive productions required a wireless comms system to match.

Branson, MO (August 9, 2018)—Sight & Sound Theatres’ 2,000-seat auditorium in Branson, Missouri presents Bible-themed stage shows and recently installed a Riedel Communications Bolero wireless intercom system for its production team.

The venue features a million watts of lights, 60,000 watts of sound, and a 20,000-square-foot stage that surrounds the audience on three sides, using four-story-tall set pieces, and live animals for its productions.

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“Our latest show, Samson, uses a significant amount of automation that requires more comms channels and a wireless intercom that can deliver outstanding voice quality anywhere in the auditorium,” said Luke Bates, ESFX supervisor, Sight & Sound Theatres. “Then, from a safety standpoint, it is absolutely essential that the system is rock solid for those working with and around the animals.”

In addition to now having six full-duplex channels, crew use Bolero’s handover to move throughout the 330,000 square-foot facility without worry of dropouts. A total of 56 beltpacks covers an equipment room, a large area under the stage, the catwalks, the animal holding area, and the dressing rooms.

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One particular requirement mandated that 50 beltpacks be able to operate simultaneously on the stage. With the ability to handle up to 10 beltpacks per antenna, Bolero was up to the task, and with the addition of a stage lift next year, the addition of another antenna will provide coverage for the entire basement area.

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