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Danley Heads To Church

Calvary Baptist Church, a 100-year-old gospel church, recently upgraded to a Danley Sound Labs loudspeaker system.

Salt Lake City, UT (August 3, 2012)—Calvary Baptist Church, a 100-year-old gospel church, recently upgraded to a Danley Sound Labs loudspeaker system.

Acknowledging that the sanctuary’s 1990s-era sound reinforcement system lacked the power to support its gospel musicians and vocalists, the Calvary Baptist Church hired Audio Video Electronics (AVE) of Maple Grove, MN to install the Danley system.

AVE lead designer Joe Lorence and AVE President Stefan Svard designed the set up at the Calvary Baptist Church, covering the sanctuary with two Danley SH-60 full-range loudspeakers. An SM-96 was used for a front downfill and a second SM-96 was installed for back delay. A third SM-96 was installed in the sound booth and balanced with the main system.

Two Danley TH-118 subwoofers round out the lower end of the sanctuary and are powered by Electro-Voice CPS-series amplifiers. An Eletro-Voice NetMax system provides DSP and system control.

In the case of overflow in the sanctuary, a Danley SH-100 covers the adjacent gymnasium, with two Danley SM-96 molded-horn loudspeakers. The gym also utilizes the JBL subwoofers from the sanctuary’s previous system.

The sound booth is elevated in the back of the sanctuary, so AVE placed a delayed Danley SM-96 in front of the booth to allow the system operator to hear the sound at the same frequency as the parishioners on the floor.

“We even used two Tannoy Di6s and room mics to feed an ‘ambience’ into the sound booth so it sounds like you’re on the main floor in the sound cubby. This is something we have never done before,” Crow said.

AVE also installed absorptive panels on the back wall to solve a slap and flutter problem and added insulation above the drop tile ceiling to reduce the room’s reverb time.

Crow said since the system was installed, the church has enjoyed it. He added that the church is also not afraid to use the system to its full capacity.

“If they want, they can run that system at 105dB, C-weighted,” he said. “And the Danley loudspeakers sound amazing at high SPL.”

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