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DAS Backs Miss OK Pageants

This year’s Miss Oklahoma and Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen Pageants were both heard via D.A.S. loudspeakers.

Casey Phariss at the Mabee Center
Tulsa, OK (August 10, 2011)—-This year’s Miss Oklahoma and Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen Pageants were held simultaneously at Oral Roberts University’s Mabee Center, and both events were heard via D.A.S. loudspeakers.

Casey Phariss serves as Oral Roberts University’s Audio Services Manager and Chief Audio Engineer. In this capacity, he oversees the day-to-day operations as related to audio setups for the Mabee Center’s concerts, conferences, athletic events, and other special events. Phariss and his crew, which consists of Justen Reddick, Trent Ekblad, Josh Banks, and Jonathan Williams, flew a sound system that included D.A.S. Audio’s Aero 38A, Aero CA-28A, and LX-218A loudspeaker enclosures. He discussed the project’s challenges and the setup.

“This year’s Miss Oklahoma and Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen pageants ran concurrently in the Mabee Center’s Johnston Theatre,” explained Phariss. “Every inch of floor space was taken up for the staging area. By the time everything was in place, the front seating row was barely three feet from the stage. For this reason, we flew almost the entire sound system, including the subwoofers. While there was no live music, there were many pre-recorded music tracks, so it was critical that music reproduction be first rate—and likewise for the spoken word.”

To address these issues, Phariss and his team flew 20 D.A.S. Audio Aero 38A 3-way, medium format, powered line array elements—10 units per the left and right extreme sides. These were supported with a center cluster consisting of eight Aero CA-28A 2-way compact, powered loudspeaker enclosures. For low frequency support, the crew flew a total of eight D.A.S. LX-218A powered subwoofers—four enclosures per side, positioned to the inside of the Aero 38A clusters.

Augmenting the flown loudspeakers, Phariss and his crew positioned an additional four Aero CA-28A cabinets across the front of the stage area to serve in a front fill capacity. For on-stage monitoring, eight D.A.S. SML-12A powered multipurpose monitors were deployed. Completing the setup, two Biamp Nexia audio processors handled loudspeaker management tasks.

“Everyone involved with the Miss Oklahoma Pageant was really pleased with the performance of our audio system,” Phariss reported. “We routinely encounter audio engineers and others who may have heard of, but are not familiar, with the D.A.S. name. By the time they’ve completed their project at our facility, every audio engineer that comes through here raves about the sound quality and performance of the system. The gear sounds great, the rigging hardware is easy to work with, and the company’s support is first rate. We couldn’t be happier.”

Mabee Center

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