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DAS Audio Delivers for NBA’s Miami Heat

The house audio system at Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena was upgraded recently, with DAS Audio Aero Series 2 and UX Series speakers installed just last month.

Miami, FL (October 30, 2017)—In the last 15 years, the Miami Heat has made it to the NBA finals five times and emerged as the champion three times. Throughout that era, Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena has had the same P.A. system. The house audio system was upgraded recently, with DAS Audio Aero Series 2 and UX Series speakers installed just last month.

The sound system has to cover a lot, including 2,105 club seats, 80 luxury suites, 76 private boxes, and a total seating capacity of just over 21,000 people. With that in mind, Jorge Arronte, manager of sound and matrix, along with David Vickery, the director of broadcast services, spec’d 128 DAS Audio Aero 40A enclosures, 16 Aero 20A cabinets, along with eight UX-218RA sub bass enclosures, all governed by a Lake/Dante loudspeaker management and distribution system. Arronte and Vickery discussed the project and their reasons for deploying the DAS Audio equipment.

“We started the upgrade on September 1st,” Vickery reports. “The various cluster arrays were cabled, lifted, and tested throughout the month and the new sound system came online for the Miami Heat’s first pre-season game on Oct. 1, 2017. As the main arena in-bowl P.A. sound system, it is used for all forms of audio presentation, including voice, musical instruments, PowerPoint presentations, video playback, special effect sound, and the like. Applications include the presentation of NBA basketball games, corporate events, concerts and shows, as well as arena facility training.”

According to Arronte, “This line array is very steerable and is one of the key reasons it was selected for the seated audience. Based upon the sound modeling of the arena seats, eight cluster locations were designed by DAS engineers in Spain for maximum coverage with minimal power requirements.”

Vickery noted that the new system plays into the psychology involved in ensuring that fans have a great time at the arena: “Our goal this time was to bring sound as a presence to the seats instead of pushing sound across a large space with lots of power, which can result in a very loud and noisy experience. Sports fans attend athletic events with high expectations, and most of those expectations have very little to do with what’s happening on the basketball court. They want, among other comforts, excellent lighting, sharp video presentations, and high-tech sound. With the new loudspeaker cluster locations and configuration, we have reached our audience with presence and clarity without the need to push high power across the arena facility.”

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