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DAS Dials in Ulysses’ Folk House NYC

Canal Sound & Light updated the house audio system at Ulysses Folk House with Vantec Series loudspeakers from DAS Audio.

New York, NY (December 3, 2017)—Ulysses’ Folk House, near Wall Street, serves up live music on Saturdays and DJs three nights a week. Canal Sound & Light of New York City, contracted to update the house system, chose Vantec Series loudspeakers from DAS Audio to cover the 5,000-square-foot space, which includes a DJ booth at the bar and live music stage, plus an additional outdoor beer garden.

The sound system consists of two DAS Vantec 15A powered, 2-way point source enclosures and two Vantec 18A powered subwoofers, which serve as the house mains. Additionally, there are two flown Vantec 12A powered, 2-way loudspeakers that serve as a sidefill / delay setup to add further depth to the room’s sound.

Jeffrey Kwan of Canal Sound & Light noted that a key feature that drew them to the Vantec boxes were the rigging points on both the mains and subwoofers: “Given the low ceilings in this space, we wanted to fly the loudspeakers upside down to put the horn driver closer to the listener. Our installation partner, AVprosNY, and I were very pleased at how easy it was to do this.”

The new sound reinforcement system at Ulysses’ Folk House was installed in September 2017. Since that time, Kwan reports the system has been very well received: “The owners are ecstatic about how their amazing new sound system impresses both customers and bands alike. Already, they look forward to adding some DAS monitor wedges in the near future.”

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