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DAS Covers the Party at Canopy

Canopy by Hilton in West Palm Beach, FL has a variety of upbeat areas that are covered with DAS loudspeaker systems.

The rooftop pool area at Canopy by Hilton in West Palm Beach, FL is covered by DAS Audio loudspeakers.
The rooftop pool area at Canopy by Hilton in West Palm Beach, FL is covered by DAS Audio loudspeakers.

West Palm Beach, FL (July 9, 2020)—Boutique hotels thrive when they provide guests with inimitable experiences that they can’t get anywhere else. With that in mind, West Palm Beach’s Canopy by Hilton is a new boutique lifestyle hotel that was recently outfitted with an assortment of loudspeakers from DAS Audio at the behest of DJ/audio pro ‘Skinny’ Greg Gilman.

Working with Oakland Park, FL-based TM Sound, an AV design/build firm, Gilman and TM together deployed DAS WR, Quantum, and Artec Series loudspeakers in key parts of Canopy. DAS power amplifiers drive every single loudspeaker throughout the entire hotel.

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“Most of the install inside the hotel is a blend of a stereo sound system reinforced by distributed audio,” Gilman explained. “The entryway of the lobby has two Quantum 23-TW loudspeakers, which provide guests with their first taste of the venue’s high quality sound. Inside the Banter restaurant, there are two Artec 310.96-W loudspeakers that fill the room effortlessly without the need for increased volume.”

Many hotels don’t have a 13th floor—but Canopy does, and that’s where the music gets moving. “On the 13th Floor, the Treehouse is intended to offer guests an exquisite nightlife experience without having to leave the hotel,” Gilman said, “so we installed four Artec 506-W loudspeakers—one in each corner facing toward the center of the room. These are accompanied by two Quantum 10-W subwoofers, which reside next to the couches. Treehouse also features an outdoor bar and patio area, which is equipped with four DAS WR-8826-DXW loudspeakers. Our greatest challenge in this area was to offer incredible sound and high energy without disturbing the neighbors.”

Finally, at the pool, they installed a half-dozen WR-6412-DXW loudspeakers and supported them with a pair of WR-322-DX subwoofers hidden in the planter areas. “This is where the owners asked us to ensure the sound would be very high energy, and this combination of loudspeakers certainly delivered,” said Gilman.

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