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Live Sound

DCR Nashville Dives into K2

Audio provider goes deep with L-Acoustics offerings.

Nashville, TN (March 18, 2019)—DCR Nashville changed its name from Digital Console Rental a few years ago to highlight how it had expanded beyond live mixing desks. Underscoring that change, the company recently loaded up on L-Acoustics loudspeaker systems.

It’s a sizable purchase, comprised of 32 K2, 24 Kara, and 32 Kiva II line source array enclosures, 16 KS28, eight K1-SB, and six SB15m subs, and a dozen coaxial X15 HiQ stage wedges, further rounded out by nine LA-RAK II touring racks and a pair of the manufacturer’s new P1 processors.

L-Acoustics Reveals X4i Loudspeaker

Upon taking delivery of the new systems, L-Acoustics Touring Application Engineer Vic Wagner spent four days at DCR Nashville bringing the company up to speed on its new gear. “Vic trained our team on all system aspects from design using Soundvision to the use of LA Network Manager to optimal deployment of K2, Kara and Kiva II,” said DCR Nashville general manager John Schirmer. “When he left, most of our crew had become Certified System Technicians. Vic was great to spend time with, extremely patient, and tremendously knowledgeable.”

DCR Nashville is offering AVB system deployment upon request, hence the new addition of two L-Acoustics P1 units. “P1 has the ability to provide for us a variety of versatile and useful system functions as well as distribution protocols,” Schirmer said. “We are using the P1 on the front end of our PAs to offer our systems techs a deeper processing level to the system by incorporating the EQ station along with LA Network Manager. Whether a client wants AES, Analog or AVB, we have them covered and can deploy a system that best meets their needs.”

DCR owner Howard Jones opined, “The addition of L-Acoustics to our inventory offering will provide us with increased opportunities, not only in support of our existing clients, but it will also introduce our company to a broader client base.”

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