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Dolby, BT Bring Surround to Stage

Scott “Goody” Goodwine at the Mackie TT24

Bringing the sounds of his latest CD, This Binary Universe, which was recorded in 5.1, BT recently co-headlined a short tour with Thomas Dolby—all heard in surround via EAW NT Series loudspeakers. The stage was also supplied with 5.1 surround mixes, with the monitoring system again relying on NT Series loudspeakers positioned as wedges.

Veteran sound engineer Scott “Goody” Goodwine consulted on the design of both surround systems, as well as handling house mix duties (manning a Mackie TT24 digital board). The house sound systems at each venue were used for left and right main output, as well as bass, with the EAW loudspeakers providing the center channel (usually from the front of the stage), as well as up to two rows of L/R surround channels; these were accompanied by NTS22 subs for low end.

All stage inputs were routed to the TT24 onstage that supplied two discrete surround monitor mixes, as well as an additional L/R monitor mix. This TT24 also sent a L/R submix to its partner console at FOH, which Goody then tailored into a 5.1 mix.