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Duran Duran Road Tests Adamson’s Energia

Duran Duran's recent US tour found the tech-oriented group on the road with Adamson's Project Energia.

New York (November 15, 2011)—Duran Duran’s recent US tour found the tech-oriented group on the road with Adamson’s Project Energia.

Longtime FOH engineer, Snake Newton, mixed the six-week tour that supported the recent All You Need is Now album. Energia Beta partner, Eighth Day Sound (Highland Heights, OH), provided PA and the crew for all of the North American dates.

Jesse Adamson, Adamson’s director of Marketing and Sales, commented on the tour, “When Snake gave us the thumbs up to be the first on tour with Energia in North America, our team was ecstatic. Anyone that has ever worked with him knows that his mix is impeccable and that he doesn’t accept anything but the best. Snake and Eighth Day Sound provided a flawless performance on the North American debut of Energia in Phase 1. The results could not have been better.”

As the tour wrapped up, Snake commented on the upcoming E15 system, “When I was approached to test drive Energia in the Beta phase, I had absolutely no reservations. Eighth Day Sound provided great support on the tour and the E15 delivered every time. The mid-range definition and low-mid punch is incredible and there was no sign of power compression at any point. This cannot be said for many other systems out there. Adamson have always produced great speakers and I look forward to seeing the next phase completed. With the amp and DSP in the box, consistency will be guaranteed in every territory throughout the world, along with many exciting array control possibilities which cannot easily be achieved by currently available systems.”

Eighth Day Sound systems engineer Kyle Walsh was in charge of the daily system design, installation and alignment. Walsh ran through the daily routine: “The E15 rigging is very simple to use. The angles are indicated with a combination of color coding and numbers, and all angles are set on the ground. There is no lifting required, so I was able to preset everything in the morning without the help of stage hands. The bumper and extender bar are light weight and they travel on the stack. Tuning was a breeze as the box sounded great out of the gate.”

Adamson Systems Engineering