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HOW Sound

First Baptist Alpharetta Mixes on the Move

An ultra-active HOW needed an audio system that could move just as quickly.

Alpharetta, GA (July 23, 2018)—First Baptist of Alpharetta, Georgia is a house of worship that is on the move, holding four services every Sunday—recording and streaming them to parishoners—as well as special events both indoors and out in the community. To help answer all those audio needs, the church uses a pair of Allen & Heath dLive Digital Mixing Systems.

How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm After They’ve Mixed PVRIS?

The Allen & Heath dLive duo is part of a complete audio upgrade designed and installed by Velocity Productions of Atlanta, GA. Brian Morrison, director of AV Design & Integration at Velocity says, “First Baptist’s outside events often include their band, so we installed both of their stage racks in road cases. This way, they can take the smaller C3500 Surface and CDM32 MixRack out and recreate the same experience and sound they have in their services.”

For normal worship, a dLive S Class S5000 Surface and DM64 MixRack serve FOH while the dLive C Class C3500 Surface and CDM32 MixRack mix the church’s streaming broadcast, its recorded audio and in-ear monitors for the band and vocalists. The two MixRacks are connected with Allen & Heath gigaACE cards and include AES cards to feed the church’s main system.

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Morrison recalls the church’s tech crew picked up the dLive quickly: “Once you get the basics and learn how to put a mix together it’s all straight-forward. And, when we demoed the dLive for the church, Mike Smith, the church’s Technical Director, had a fantastic mix set up in about 15 minutes. You give somebody with talent the right kind of tool and they can make magic.”

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