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FixIt: Jay-Z Front-of-House Engineer Kenyatta “Kelo” Saunders

Jay-Z Front of House Engineer Kenyatta Kelo Saunders on Using Midas XL8 Console

I break the band down as if it was a studio mixing session, with each [Midas XL8] VCA group being a different instrument type and the last two VCAs as master vocal and master band faders. This makes it easy to bring down the overall level of the band if I need the voice to stand out a little more. The EQ, gates and multiple compressors are stellar. When you EQ something, you can hear it changing just like on a Midas analog console. The multiband compressor is my all-time favorite. Jay-Z naturally has this 2 to 2.5k thing on his voice, depending how hyped he is. The multiband compressor allows me to keep that under control without sounding too extreme.