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FixIt: Modest Mouse Monitor Engineer David Campaniello

odest Mouse Monitor Engineer David Campaniello on Using EAW MicroWedge

I’ve tried many different monitors and have always struggled with maintaining tonal quality at loud volumes. The [EAW] MicroWedge is the first monitor I’ve used that provides the volume that’s required without compromising sound quality and natural tone. I use four MW12s on two mixes for singer, lyricist and guitarist Isaac Brock—an inside pair solely for vocals and an outside pair for an instrument mix. Lab.gruppen 6400 amplifiers provide power to the MicroWedges. One pair of MW12s is actively bi-amped using the EAW UX8800 digital processor. I initially ran all four MicroWedges passively crossed over but then switched the vocal mix pair to active operation. The high end is smoother and more stable.