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Prague Bar Gets Luck of the Irish with New PA

Prague’s Irish Times Bar recently installed a Funktion-One F5 sound system to cover the crowd but keep the neighbors upstairs content.

The Irish Times Bar in Prague’s Old Town has installed a Funktion-One F5 sound system.
[/media-credit] The Irish Times Bar in Prague’s Old Town has installed a Funktion-One F5 sound system.

Prague, Czech Republic (August 13, 2020)—The thought of Prague’s Old Town may well bring to mind old-world European architecture and the like, but the neighborhood’s Irish Times Bar has become rather modern—at least when it comes to its audio, as the bar has become one of the world’s first venues to install a Funktion-One F5 sound system.

Key to co-owner Sean Curran’s decision to go with the F5 system was the need to keep sound under control, as the bar has residents all around, including on the next floor up, directly above. When Curran called on Vice Audio (Funktion-One’s distributor for the Czech Republic), the three-story venue had already tried out seven or eight different systems. Despite significant soundproofing, the result was always the same – sound spilling out into the surrounding environment and the inevitable complaints from neighbors. For a venue that has live music at the core of its offering, typically hosting three sessions a day, something had to be done.

Funktion-One F5 and SB8 Loudspeakers Launched

The decision was made to go with Funktion-One’s new—and smallest ever—speaker, the F5. Vice Audio’s Alex Limburg designed and programmed the system, which features 12 F5s around the venue, as well as two F1201s for the stage system. This combination is intended to ensure the stage system can run at a relatively low level while providing coverage throughout with no hotspots or overspill.

The system is controlled by NST Audio’s VMX88 processor and three VR1 remote control panels with NST’s proprietary D-Net software, which give the venue a customizable control system over the FFA amplifiers.

Discussing the new system, Curran said: “The sound is exceptional—clear and evenly spread—and Vice Audio are always great to work with. Despite the disruption caused by lockdown, the process has been very smooth and they’ve been very understanding. They’re always happy to go the extra step to make things exactly right.”

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