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MS Church Expands with New Sanctuary, Audio System

Heritage Apostolic Church’s new sanctuary is covered by a sizable Fulcrum Acoustic line array and monitors as part of a larger audio system.

Heritage Apostolic Church’s new sanctuary is covered by a sizable Fulcrum Acoustic line array system.
Heritage Apostolic Church built a new sanctuary, covered by a sizable Fulcrum Acoustic line array system.

Holly Springs, MS (November 30, 2020) — Heritage Apostolic Church in Holly Springs, MS recently built a new a new sanctuary for its growing congregation, opting for an open two-story space with tiered seating along the stairways on either side. Covering then entire space is a new Fulcrum Acoustic line array as part of a larger system designed and installed by Simon Productions

The acoustically complex room features stairways that lead to a small balcony wrapping around the back of the room with two rows of seating. That’s not to say that concerns about acoustics were thrown to the wind; when designing the church, room geometries were developed to reduce standing waves, and padded chairs and carpeting were chosen to help reduce reverberation.

Nonetheless, there were multiple levels of seating and a large, open space that would require strict pattern control to concentrate sound on the congregation. Also, the location and shallow depth of the altar required broad band directional control to keep sound energy off the altar.

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Fulcrum Acoustic Nets Loudspeaker Tech Patent

Terry Stewart from Simon Productions flew 16 Fulcrum Acoustic FL283T Dual 8″ subcardioid line array modules in two separate arrays of eight on either side of the altar as the main loudspeakers. The FL283T provides the throw and tight vertical dispersion needed to distribute uniform coverage to the floor, stairway, and balcony seats without energizing the full vertical expanse of the space. Meanwhile, FW15 coaxial cardioid stage monitors were selected for use on the altar.

Stewart installed four of Fulcrum’s US221-2 Dual 21″ direct radiating subwoofers directly into the front of the altar in their own insulated wall niches; two of the US221-2s were coupled in the center of the room while the other two were deployed on either side.

Also part of the house system is an Allen & Heath Avantis console, and the various loudspeaker systems are powered by Linea Research amplifiers.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the sound of this Fulcrum system” said Pastor Kyle Flowers. “We had lots of guests from different churches that came to be with us for our first service and everyone was remarking on the clarity and high quality.”

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