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Hotel Vegas Brings Synergy to Spring Break

The venue’s Spring Break event saw Rock N Roll Rentals bring in a Yorkville system for 10 days of concerts.

Austin, TX (March 22, 2019)—SXSW brought everyone to Austin this month, but its official events were hardly the only game in town. Take Hotel Vegas’ annual Spring Break celebration. This year’s edition fielded dozens of high-octane Austin bands, and bringing them to the masses was Yorkville Sound’s new Synergy Array Series active point-source speakers, provided by local audio company, Rock N Roll Rentals.

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“We needed something tough as nails,” said Craig Johnson, Rock N Roll Rentals’ general manager. “Synergy worked hard for over a week—it delivered concert quality sound and feel with an easy set up. We needed a bulletproof solution that could withstand 10 days of all day, all night music.”

The Synergy system consists of the SA153, a three-way full-range active cabinet, along with the SA315S active subwoofer. Canadian pro audio manufacturer, Yorkville Sound incorporated Tom Danley’s patented Paraline Lens & Synergy Horn technologies into the system.

As it happens, Synergy was a good fit for the Hotel Vegas’ 800-capacity venue, as the scalable system was able to variously handle the club, outdoor festival, theatre and arena, wherever it was set up, said Johnson.

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