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Jars of Clay Tour Profile

Mix magazine interview with audio engineers and live sound crew on mixing audio for Jars of Clay 2009 tour. Tips, techniques and equipment applications from Jars of Clay’s front of house (FOH) and monitor mix engineers. Mix magazine March 2009

Jars of Clay

LMG Touring (Orlando, Fla.) provided the entire stage audio package for Jars of Clay’s The Love Came Down tour throughout December 2008. Matthew Peskie, production manager/front-of-house engineer for the band, previously worked with the sound provider as the audio vendor on Avril Lavigne’s The Best Damn Tour.

Matthew Peskie

Photo: Scott Cunningham

“From the beginning, LMG has been extremely supportive in providing exactly what we needed for the tour,” says Peskie. “LMG’s audio crew — Steve McCale, director of touring, and Jim Yakabuski, senior touring engineer — have been great to work with, especially in the prep stages of getting the gear out the door. They were there the whole way making sure everything was set up as I was envisioning it.”

The audio package comprised a Digidesign VENUE system for FOH and a d&b audiotechnik Q Series P.A. There was no monitor engineer for this tour as the band is endorsed by Aviom and used a combination of rackmount mixers into IEM transmitters and stage mixers.

The band was miked with Sennheiser mics — another endorsement deal. Sennheiser gear included four channels of ew300 IEM units for in-ears and two channels of ew550 to receive signal information from the SKM935 mics. Other mics included 935, 604, 609, 902, 614 and 409 models.