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KV2 Sounds at Khalijia Lounge

The Barcelona-based hotspot recently got a new AV system installed, based around KV2 EX Series loudspeakers.

The Khalijia Lounge & Restaurant has an audio system based around KV2 loudspeakers.
The Khalijia Lounge & Restaurant has an audio system based around KV2 EX Series loudspeakers.

Barcelona, Spain (June 2, 2020)—The Khalijia Lounge & Restaurant has a little bit of everything—it serves up Lebanese and Moroccan-inspired food, sports an Oriental design and it’s located in Barcelona. It also has a new audio system designed by regional AV integrator Slience Electroacústica, centered around KV2 EX Series loudspeakers

Silence Electroacústica was commissioned to design and install the audio, lighting and DMX control systems throughout the new venue. From an audio perspective, the system needed to handle a wide spectrum of requirements, from extremely low-level music reproduction for the lunchtime and early evening crowds to high-energy live performances for nighttime revelers.

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Silence’s owner and CEO, Jose Luis Rosales, remarked, “We went for EX Series components firstly because of their extremely high quality live music reproduction capacity and secondly their extraordinary sensitivity when it comes to low volume music reproduction – this is really important for creating the right ambience for diners. Another important factor was size – EX Series are incredibly compact yet are capable of performance that completely belies their size – and they are active, so no need to worry about where to put the amplifiers.”

Silence installed a main system comprising two EX10s supplemented by a pair of EX1.2 MkII compact subwoofers in the performance area and a further four, extremely compact EX6s as a distributed system throughout the rest of the bar and restaurant.

“The combined result with the audio, intelligent lighting and video is fantastic. The client is thrilled, as is the public and I am very proud of what have achieved at Khalijia,” said Rosales.

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