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Line 6 Notes FCC Concerns

Calabasas, CA (November 2, 2010)--Line 6 will address the latest FCC ruling at two upcoming audio conventions.

Calabasas, CA (November 2, 2010)–Line 6 will address the latest FCC ruling at two upcoming audio conventions.

The ruling, which was issued on September 23, reduces the number of UHF channels available to licensed wireless microphone systems to two per city. “It is apparent that the core TV band will be in relative chaos for the near future,” comments Don Boomer, the Wireless Sales Engineer at Line 6. “So to dodge that oncoming freight train, we developed a wireless system that can operate in the 2.4GHz ISM band even though there is a lot of RF competition present.”

“Once again the FCC is putting the onus on the wireless microphone manufacturers to improve their wireless systems, and forcing wireless users to try to keep up with ever-changing laws and restrictions,” remarked Simon Jones, Line 6 VP of New Market Development.

The XD-V family includes two handheld microphone systems and two beltpack systems with lavaliers. Each one broadcasts a license-free transmission over the 2.4GHz ISM band. Line 6 Relay G30 digital guitar wireless system recently surpassed all other guitar wireless systems to become the top-selling system in America, ased on the most recent data from MI SalesTrak.

Don Boomer, Simon Jones and the full line of XD-V digital wireless systems will be available at two upcoming audio conventions: AES (November 4-7, 2010; San Francisco, CA) and WFX (November 3-5, 2010; Atlanta, GA).

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