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Line Arrays for Tour Sound

A whole lot of line arrays have appeared over the past decade, to the point that nearly all sound reinforcement manufacturers have a version, with the latest trend being compact boxes to either fill a club or augment larger systems in arenas. Mix surveyed the field of recent introductions to help break down the choices, and, because it is touring season, we’ve steered clear of columnar systems in favor of larger touring packages. Please visit the company Websites for more detailed descriptions.

A whole lot of line arrays have appeared over the past decade, to the point that nearly all sound reinforcement manufacturers have a version, with the latest trend being compact boxes to either fill a club or augment larger systems in arenas. Mix surveyed the field of recent introductions to help break down the choices, and, because it is touring season, we’ve steered clear of columnar systems in favor of larger touring packages. Please visit the company Websites for more detailed descriptions.

Atlas Sound’s A-Line Acoustics AL123A-B

Atlas Sound’s A-Line Acoustics AL123A-B and AL218A-B are network-configurable, flyable speakers with subwoofer. The AL123A-B is a three-way that features an integrated amplifier with DSP network control. The unit includes dual 12-inch woofers, four 6-inch midrange drivers, and dual 1.4-inch high-frequency compression drivers. The AL218A-B is a dual 18-inch subwoofer enclosure that includes an integrated amplifier capable of producing 3,000-watts RMS power.

Adamson E12, E218

Adamson Systems’ Energia Series features the new E12 line source and e219 sub. The e12 was designed as a stand-alone mid-size line array but can also be used as a downfill or sidefill in a larger e15 arena system. Inside the box is Adamson’s new 12-inch Kevlar driver, the ND12S, with advanced cooling and larger mass, providing LF extension. The Energia e218 was designed as a companion sub for the Energia Series e15 and e12 and can be flown together with an e12 or a stand-alone array.

Alcons Audio LR24

The LR24 from Alcons Audio is a three-way, larger-format line-source system featuring the RBN1402rsr pro-ribbon driver with 14-inch voice-coil. The combination of the high sensitivity and the unusually high HF peak power handling of 3,000W promises intelligibility and throw with ample headroom. The MF section features four high-efficiency neodymium 6.5-inch midrange transducers in a symmetrical loaded configuration. The LF section consists of two long-excursion, reflex-loaded 12-inch woofers with carbon-reinforced cones.

Alto Professional SXA28P, SXA18P

Alto Professional’s SXA28P two-way and SXA18P 18-inch vented sub feature quick-and-easy setup for a variety of configurations. The SXA28 incorporates dual 8-inch low/mid drivers and dual 1-inch high-frequency drivers. The unit handles 400W continuous, 800W program or 1,600W peak delivering 125 dB peak SPL. The SXA18p offers 750W continuous, 1,500W program or 3,000W peak, also 125 dB peak SPL.

Clair Brothers i208

Clair Brothers’ i208 offers a frequency response of 60Hz–20kHz, 129 dB SPL, and peak 132dB SPL. Drivers include: 8-inch, 8-inch LMF, ¼-inch exit HF. Power handling is rated at LF: 400W program, 800W peak. The i212 offers a frequency response of 45Hz–20kHz and 139 dB SPL @ 1M full-bandwidth. Drivers include: two 12-inch LF, four 6-inch mids, and two ¼-inch exit HF. Power handling is LF: 1,800W, 720W, and 320W, respectively.

D.A.S. Audio Event 210A

 The D.A.S Event Series is aimed at small- to medium-level venues, with the Event 208A and 210A. Both are three-way powered line arrays, in double 8-inch and double 10-inch configurations, respectively, along with a single M-75 compression driver and injected-aluminum high-frequency waveguide. Both arrays are powered by 3-channel Class-D amplifiers providing 360W peak. The twin 18-inch companion subwoofer makes use of D.A.S. LX series long-excursion technology designed for optimum coupling with the 208A and Event 210A.

d&b audiotechnik Vi12

The Vi8 and Vi12 loudspeakers are three-way passive designs housing two 10-inch LF drivers, one horn-loaded 8-inch MF driver and two 1.4-inch-exit HF compression drivers with 2.5-inch voice coils mounted to a dedicated waveshaping device. The Vi-SUB is an actively driven cardioid powered by a single d&b D12 amplifier channel and houses two long excursion neodymium drivers in an integrated cardioid setup, an 18-inch driver in a bass-reflex design facing to the front and a 12-inch driver in a two-chamber bandpass design radiating to the rear.

dB Technologies DVA Mini

The DVA MINI features two 6.5-inch neodymium woofers with custom dual phase-plug, improving the midrange efficiency and making horizontal coverage more homogeneous and consistent. An integrated USB B-type port on the M2M amplifier allows the user to monitor the status of every element in the system, including reports on total hours, temperature and performance.

EAW Anya

While EAW made a big splash at last week’s InfoComm with a prototype of its new Otto subwoofer, Anya is the company’s still-brand-new system. Each Anya module includes 14 1-inch exit/35mm voice-coil HF compression drivers loaded on a proprietary horn. Adaptive Performance in Via Resolution 2 software controls all performance parameters, with an asymmetrical output profile shaped so that all listening locations as defined by the user receive nearly identical response. Anya is able to create radical coverage patterns, from narrowly focused to almost straight down, while maintaining sound quality.

Grund Audio GA-2021

The Grund Audio Design GALA system is ground-stackable, while maintaining the performance parameters of the line array concept. GALA uses two 1-inch Neo drivers coupled to a dual, asymmetrical fiberglass horn, which provides greater intelligibility and better fidelity throughout the bandwidth. The flyware revisions focus on an increase in the amount of angles that can be defined for the GA-2021 enclosures, which now cover from 1 to 10 degrees.

JBL’s VTX Series

JBL’s VTX Series includes the VTX V25 and VTX S25. The V25 is a full three-way high-directivity line array element featuring two 2,000W 15-inch Differential Drive woofers mounted in diecast aluminum baffles, with four 8-inch Differential Drive midrange transducers and three of the new D2 Dual-Diaphragm Dual-Voice-Coil Compression Drivers mounted on a third-generation waveguide and patented Radiation Boundary Integrator assembly. Patented rigging, Crown VRack DSP and amplification, and JBL HiQnet Performance Manager configuration and control software complete the system package. The dual 15-inch cardioid-arrayable S25 subwoofer provides extreme lows and can be integrated with V20 for tremendous versatility, either ground-stacked or suspended in mixed arrays.

L-Acoustics K2

L-Acoustics’ K2 with Panflex Technology includes the K2 full-range element with Panflex horizontal steering, operating from 35 Hz to 20 kHz; the K1-SB LF element down to 30 Hz or LF throw down to 35 Hz; SB28 LF element, extending down to 25 Hz; and the LA4X LA8 amplified controllers. K2 employs Panflex combines mechanically adjustable fins with DSP algorithms effective from 300 Hz. Four settings are possible: two symmetric (70° or 110°) and two asymmetric (90° as 35°/55° or 55°/35°). The K2 system can match the complex shape of any audience geometry with ideal sonic performance and minimum noise pollution.

Martin Audio MLA Compact

Martin Audio’s three-way MLA Compact offers the company’s Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array (MLA) technology in a smaller, lighter version. Each enclosure measures 31x11x19.6 (WxHxD) inches and weighs 109 pounds, and is fitted with a 5-channel amplifier module incorporating Class-D circuitry, delivering a total of 2.1kW continuous and 4.2kW peak output. One channel powers both LF drivers in parallel and two channels drive each midrange driver independently. For the HF section, two channels drive the four HF drivers in parallel pairs, making a total of five independently powered acoustic cells per enclosure. Onboard DSP performs all crossover and EQ functions via a combination of IIR and advanced FIR filtering. Arrays can be remotely controlled over U-NET from the supplied wireless tablet running VU-NET control software.

Meyer Sound’s LYON

Meyer Sound’s LYON is a compact linear line array available in two versions designed to provide maximum flexibility. The LYON-M main serves as the anchor for installations in arenas and large auditoriums, as well as tours and festivals. LYON-W provides wider horizontal coverage at the bottom of arrays and can also be used for the top of an out-fill array for upper-side arena seating. LYON works seamlessly with the larger LEO-M systems, handling the wider coverage needs at the bottom, and serving as out-fill or delay arrays when needed. The self-powered 1100-LFC low-frequency control element and the Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system round out the system.


The KLA Series comprises the KLA12 12-inch, two-way and the KLA181 18-inch subwoofer. The KLA12 features a highly efficient 500x500W amp module and the KLA181 a 1,000W configuration. Up to five KLA models (any combination of KLA12 and KLA181) can be driven off of a single 15-amp, 120V circuit. KLA loudspeakers incorporate QSC’s DEEP DSP algorithm, providing extended bass response by actively managing potentially damaging low-frequency transients. GuardRail circuitry protection prevents the amp module from unnatural and destructive clipping.


RCF’s HDL 10-A is a two-way active module featuring two 8-inch woofers, a 2.5-inch titanium compression driver, digital amplifier with switch mode power supply, and DSP Input section. It delivers 133dB max SPL, with 1,400W at peak power (700W RMS) and frequency response of 65 Hz to 20 kHz. The integrated processing and the cabling reduction make setup faster and easier, and, because of its compact size, the truck space requirement is reduced.

Renkus-Heinz Varia

Renkus-Heinz Varia is a build-to-order Modular Point Source Array designed for flexibility and versatility. Varia VA101 (self-powered) and VAX101 (externally powered) cabinets are available in 7.5°, 15° and 22.5° enclosures, making them ideally suited for long vertical arrays or tightly packed horizontal configurations. Multiple waveguides include 60, 90, and 120-degree patterns, as well as proprietary progressive waveguides that can transition from 60° to 90° and 90° to 120° seamlessly within each cabinet. Matching VA/VAX15S 15-inch subwoofers can be flown alongside, behind or at the top of the array, in standard or cardioid pattern.

SLS Audio showed four new line array products at the mid-June InfoComm show: two columnar and two in the CPA line, the CPA660 (compact) and CPA7600 (medium), each featuring Powersoft amplification, 16-ohm impedance, and the company’s CoPlanar driver arrangement, where the ribbon HF driver is mounted in front of the woofers.


The big news from Toa at InfoComm 2014 was the coming of the HX-7, a long-awaited update to its classic HX-5, with companion 18-inch sub, sometime soon. In the meantime, the SR-A Series Mid-Size Line Arrays feature proprietary Sync-Drive horn technology promising a uniform, high-frequency sound field. Mid-high modules include the SR-A12L (long-throw) and the SR-A12S (short-throw), each with dual compression drivers and 12-inch LF driver. The SR-A18 subwoofer has an 18-inch driver rated at 720W continuous.

Turbosound TFS-550H, TFS-64

Flashline Mini is a three-way bi-amped loudspeaker with two 6.5-inch low-mid drivers, a custom 4-inch high-mid cone driver, and a proprietary 1-inch HF compression driver. Flashline Mini employs a HF Dendritic/Polyhorn waveguide with multiple identical-path-length hornlets designed to give a flat, constant-phase wavefront. The TFS-550H enclosure is built using a new polyurethane hard foam process, resulting in a lightweight (less than 35 pounds) arrayable loudspeaker that is easy to rig.

VUE audiotechnik al-8

The al-8 is the second member of VUE’s al-Class, and joins the al-4 Subcompact Line Array System introduced earlier this year. Like its smaller sibling, the al-8 utilizes advanced technologies such as beryllium compression drivers, Kevlar/Neodymium transducers, onboard networking, and full compatibility with VUEPoint beam steering technology to bring unprecedented sound quality, SPL and coverage control to mainstream sound reinforcement applications.

WorxAudio V8

WorxAudio announced its acquisition by PreSonus on the opening day of InfoComm last week, then announced the new powered V5 compact line array speaker, with 120×10-degree dispersion. Right now, the company offers the V8, a two-way, high-efficiency loudspeaker incorporating a 3-inch compression driver coupled to a stabilized proprietary FlatWave Former. Dual 8-inch cone transducers in a vented enclosure coupled to the Acoustic Integrating Module minimize comb filtering. A sturdy multi-ply Baltic birch enclosure, with a catalyzed Polyurea finish, and perforated, powder-coated steel grille, will withstand road abuse.

Yamaha’s Nexo GEO M620

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems just released the new Nexo GEO M6 compact loudspeaker series, featuring the GEO M620, a full-range unit for stand-alone, curved or line array applications. Compact and lightweight (less than 22 pounds), the M620 houses a long-excursion, high-efficiency 6.5-inch LF driver and 1-inch throat driver on a BEA/FEA optimized HR Wavesource, with a frequency response of 80 Hz to 19 kHz, ±3dB, and nominal peak SPL of 127 dB. HF dispersion is 80° or 120° horizontal, with 20° vertical coverage, 0° to 20° splay when arrayed. The GEO M6B is a low- and mid-frequency extension box. With a 6.5-inch, 8-ohm long-excursion driver, the M6B weighs just under 17 pounds and shares the same physical footprint as the M620, allowing the cabinets to be arrayed in the same column.

Yorkville PSA1

Yorkville Sound’s Paraline Series active full-range loudspeaker system is compact, user friendly and features the company’s proven Paraline high-frequency lens technology pioneered in its flagship VTC Elevation Series cabinets. Two BMS 1.75-inch compression drivers mounted to the patented Paraline lens delivers a focused 15-degree vertical dispersion and wide 110-degree horizontal coverage. Four Eighteen Sound 6-inch woofers provide a tight and responsive low-frequency program.