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Martin Audio Nets XE Monitor Waveguide Patent

Martin Audio has been awarded a United Kingdom Patent for its XE stage monitor waveguide.

Martin Audio XE Monitor
Martin Audio XE Monitor

United Kingdom (December 1, 2021)—Martin Audio has been awarded a United Kingdom Patent for its XE stage monitor waveguide.

The patent covers the use of Martin Audio’s differential dispersion coaxial drive units and the continuation of their waveguide shape to form the baffle, as seen in the XE monitors, to achieve the desired HF coverage. The geometry of the static HF horn, the LF cone/moving waveguides and the static baffle combine to form a single HF horn.

The XE stage monitor series comprises the XE300 and XE500, both delivering monitor sound with a defined coverage pattern intended to reduce overlap with adjacent monitors.

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According to Martin Audio, Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology allows the artist to stand directly over the monitor or further back without significant changes in SPL or tonal balance, producing a coverage pattern over a listening plane at head-height that is reportedly constrained to that region.

The now-patented contour-molded static third waveguide increases the size of the horn mouth to maintain pattern control downwards and avoid spill outside the desired coverage area. Its rolled contour reduces diffraction and aids pattern consistency at the lower end of the HF passband.

Dom Harter, managing director, commented, “Even though XE monitors were introduced in 2017, it always takes time to secure a patent, but we are delighted that our continuing innovation has once again been recognized and I couldn’t be prouder of our R&D team.”