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AES Live Sound Events You’ve Got To See

Here's just a handful of the fascinating live sound events happening today at the AES Convention.

The AES Convention used to have a reputation as ‘a recording show,’ but if anyone says that to you now, they’re living in the past. More than 25 percent of all AES Convention attendees work in sound reinforcement, and the show has plenty to see, hear and learn about when it comes to every permutation of live sound. Here’s just a few goodies to check out today:

• The drop-dead must-see for live sound pros today is the aptly named RF Super Session, a marathon three-hour (!) panel starting at 2:30 PM in 1E10. With an expected 11 panelists on-hand, the Super Session will explore everything RF, from making purchasing decisions in a changing wireless landscape, to best practices, to the latest in regulatory changes. If you work with wireless, you simply can’t miss it.

• Of course, lots of wireless gear is put to use on corporate events, so it’s only appropriate that there’s an hour-long panel on Audio Production for Corporate Events today at 11:15 AM in 1E12. Lee Kalish of Positive Feedback will expound with experts on creating the perfect system for the venue, music production, talent support and more.

• Great jazz is about more than great tone and an intimate vibe; it’s about solid sound, too! With that in mind, the Making Live Jazz and Sound Like Jazz! panel at 10:45 AM in 1E13 will talk about scaling sound systems to match the venue, alternate approaches to miking (it’s not like a rock show), jazz world etiquette and far more.

• And if all that doesn’t fill your plate, go wander the exhibition floor (you were headed there anyway). Across the board, if it’s necessary for producing a good show today, you’ll find it here, from the latest in wireless mics whether for music or theater, portable PAs that will fill a hotel ballroom, or top-shelf digital mixing consoles used to mix stadium shows for thousands of people. While your stalking the floor, stop by the Live Production Stage to check out free-to-all panels like Audio Networking in Production at 2 PM.