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Martin Garrix Gets Amsterdam on its Feet with Adamson

EDM mainstay Martin Garrix played two shows at RAI Amsterdam through an Adamson Systems Engineering E-Series loudspeaker system.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (December 11, 2017)—Everybody loves a concert by the hometown musical hero, and the Dutch are no exception: EDM hero Martin Garrix recently sold out back-to-back shows at RAI Amsterdam, keeping the crowd on its feet with the help of an Adamson Systems Engineering E-Series loudspeakers designed by audio provider BMP Sound Services and provided by Utrecht’s Production Partners.

BMP’s design centered around a main system of a dozen E15 enclosures per side, with a pair of S10 enclosures at the bottom for downfill. For low end, no less than 30 E219 subwoofers were ground stacked in a cardioid configuration. Elsewhere, S10 compact enclosures were used as delays for tribune and VIP areas, as well as for fills and Garrix’s monitors.

The relatively low ceiling height within RAI’s main room was a challenge, so with only about 10 meters for the PA, the main E15 arrays covered the first 70 meters from the stage while delay arrays comprised of eight Adamson E12 three-way enclosures per side covered the last 35 meters of the main house.

The system helped overcome another hurdle at the venue: Due to tight loudness limitations, BMP couldn’t use music to tune the system and instead had to rely on relatively quiet pink noise, said BMP’s Bas Rijsdijk. “Because of the great standard Adamson presets in the Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers, we had total confidence to start the show ‘blind.’”

Adamson Systems Engineering