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Live Sound

Mike Shinoda’s Monitors

Longtime monitor engineer Kevin McCarthy brings a passel of DAS on world tour.

Miami, FL (November 30, 2018)—While best known for co-founding Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda has a considerable solo career as well and has been supporting it in recent times with a worldwide jaunt, the Post Traumatic Tour, which will resume in early 2019 when it picks up in Europe. Throughout the tour, Linkin Park’s longtime monitor engineer Kevin ‘Tater’ McCarthy has been stageside, mixing for in-ear monitors and a selection of DAS stage monitors and subwoofers.

Revival Center’s Audio Revived

“For the setup, I use one DAS Event-121A powered subwoofer on each side of the stage to enhance the low end and give the stage some feel and body,” McCarthy said. “The Road 12As are used for cue monitors. I use one for my personal cue at monitorworld and the other for sound checks and rehearsals when the band members are not wearing their in-ear monitors. I can quickly place it up on stage and just run the specific instruments that they want to hear through it.”

One of McCarthy’s key requirements was that the tour’s monitors be self-powered: “This simplifies system cabling and you needn’t concern yourself with selecting a power amp to drive them. Equally important, I love the protection that the rain jackets over the rear panel connectors provide. There’s no need to remove them. They just peel back and you’re ready to go. And of course, the sound must be there too…. I don’t even run an EQ on them; I simply turn them up and go.”

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If that sounds basic, well, that’s just how McCarthy wants it: “So far, working with the DAS products is really uneventful—and that’s a very good thing. This may sound boring, but when you’re on the road, that’s exactly what you want: No issues.”

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