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Live Sound

Miking the Bacon Brothers Live

One of the rare celebrity-fronted acts that garners musical respect, the Bacon Brothers are back on the road.

New York, NY (July 25, 2018)—The Bacon Brothers are out on the road, supporting their latest self-titled album; mixing them nightly is veteran FOH engineer Jimmy Ace.

Having performed together for decades, the brothers—Michael, a noted film/TV composer with an emmy for his score on “The Kennedys,” and Kevin, who’s starred in 80 films—always have an arsenal of acoustic guitars, ukuleles, a cello and percussion instruments with them on stage, along with their backing rock band. Miking all that is a slew of Heil microphones.

60 Seconds: Ash Levitt, Heil Sound

“When I signed on to this tour, the band had been using other brands which sounded OK but not great,” said Ace. “I’ve used Heil mics for years and love them. We played the Delmar Hall in St. Louis, which is a Heil Sound-sponsored room, and were able to try the PR35 on Kevin and Michael at soundcheck. They immediately heard the difference and from there, with the help of Bob Heil and the factory team, we outfitted the entire stage with Heil mics.”

In the show, Michael plays guitar and Kevin switches between guitar and percussion. Both share lead vocal duties. The band is rounded out with Paul Guzzone (bass), Joe Mennonna (keys), Tim Quick (lead guitar), and Frank Vilardi (drums). PR35s are used on all of the vocalists – lead and background singers. PR31s are used on the guitar cabinets and PR28s are used on various percussion instruments. The drum kit also utilizes PR31s as well as PR28s and a PR48 for the kick drum. The drums are also miked with what amounts to three overhead PR31s. The third mic hovers near the piccolo snare and high-hat.

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Jimmy gives a final thought, “We play in theaters where the ‘stage size to gear’ ratio can cause problems were it not for the Heil mics. The rear rejection is incredible and they give my mix the clarity that the band and the audience deserve.”

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