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Multi-Use Venue Invests in Epic Upgrade

TV studio/music venue undergoes sizable audio update.

Norwich, UK (March 15, 2019)—TV production company and music venue Epic Studios, whose clientele has included shows such as Top Gear and WWE Wrestling, has embarked on a major audio upgrade of its Norwich, UK, premises with Allen & Heath dLive and SQ mixing systems and a permanent installation of Martin Audio’s MLA PA system.

“I used to work exclusively on another desk, however after getting my hands on a dLive S7000 at InfoComm, I knew this was the perfect desk for us,” comments Matt Rabong, technical manager at Epic Studios. “dLive has integrated seamlessly with our workflow and my engineers love it. It was extremely easy to train everybody on its features.” The facility also purchased an A&H SQ-7, which is used primarily as the main monitor desk.

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The venue upgraded from its older Martin Audio system after testing a variety of brands. “We ultimately chose MLA for its sound quality, particularly the punchy subs and its Hard Avoid feature, which allows us to steer the sound away from our roof where the most leakage is, as well as our back wall which houses our production gallery,” says Rabong.

The new system comprises 12 MLA Compact (six elements per L/R hang), eight DSX subs, five CDD-LIVE 15s plus a CSX-LIVE 118 sub, eight LE200 wedge monitors plus all necessary amps and distro. The rig was supplied and installed by locally-based Saturn Audio Visual, while Martin Audio’s product support engineer, Ben Tucker, assisted with the install and staff training.

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Rabong comments, “The sound quality in dLive is superb and it gives us incredible fidelity through our new MLA compact rig. We invested in a full suite of gigaACE, MADI and Dante cards for the DM48 MixRack to enable us to have digital splits to broadcast in our full HD production gallery, as well as 48-way multitrack recording directly to a laptop at FOH and audio distribution to other parts of the building using Dante. The quality of the onboard FX is amazing and having up to 64 multiband compressors across any channel type is very useful.”

The upgrade initiative—which began last year with an additional £250,000 investment in lighting and effects—is part of a drive to establish Epic Studios as a top-tier small arena, with plans to increase capacity towards its full-scale 3,000-strong audience area. As well as Epic’s TV productions, the facility is fully customizable and caters for a variety of productions and events, from television programs and game shows to sporting events, corporate events, arena gigs and even private functions and intimate shows.

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