SHOCKPROOF MIC CLIP On-Stage Stands ( offers shockproof microphone clips for handheld microphones measuring either 25- or 30mm in diameter


On-Stage Stands ( offers shockproof microphone clips for handheld microphones measuring either 25- or 30mm in diameter (MY-325 and MY-330 models, respectively). Each clip secures the mic with 35 pounds of pressure, while a contact rubber ring at the clip's base is specifically designed to absorb vibrations, keeping the sound clean. The clips are guaranteed for life and are priced at $12.99.


Mackie Designs ( offers the SA1232, a three-way, tri-amplified, horn-loaded system powered by its own 1,300-watt amplifier. The SA1232 features two 12-inch woofers with 3-inch voice coils, a high-output, horn-loaded 6-inch midrange, and a 1-inch exit CD on a wide-dispersion, 90°×40°, mid-/high-frequency Optimized Wavefront horn design. Mackie's SA1521 is a two-way, bi-amplified, horn-loaded, active speaker system featuring a 15-inch woofer, and a 1-inch exit CD mounted on a 75°×65°, mid-/high-frequency wide-dispersion horn. The SA1521 has 500 watts of onboard amplification and is capable of peak SPLs in the 130dB range. Both the SA1521 and SA1232 feature trapezoidal cabinets constructed of heavy-duty, 13-ply Baltic birch with molded impact-resistant, composite-resin front panels. The SA1232 is priced at $1,699; the SA1521 is $1,199.


MacPherson ( is shipping the M2X Version 2, a compact and versatile loudspeaker designed to be bi-amplified. Version 2 features a new high-power, 15-inch LF driver that requires no filter network, minimizing phase changes and preserving output sensitivity. A custom-designed damping insert has been added to the 2-inch-exit HF compression driver, and a completely redesigned HF filter network shapes and controls response. Featuring a trapezoidal enclosure constructed from hardwood plywood and finished with a rugged epoxy coating, M2X Version 2 may be used singularly, in stereo pairs or in horizontal arrays. An integral cast-aluminum pole cup allows the speaker to be stand-mounted.


The DSP-30 Digital Processor from QSC Audio Products ( is a 2-channel, rackmount, multifunction signal processor. The customizable DSP-30 (eight user-configurable presets) provides crossover, compression/limiting, parametric EQ and subsonic filters, time delay, attenuation, mixing, and tone- or noise-generation functions. The DSP-30 features 24-bit converters and operates at a 48kHz sampling frequency. Program selection is via an intuitive front panel; a RS-232 port provides a computer interface for the supplied PC-based Signal Manager software. Inputs are balanced Neutrik® Combo connections; outputs are XLR.


Shure Incorporated ( has introduced the ULX™ Standard and ULX Professional UHF Wireless systems. Featuring proprietary Automatic Frequency Selection circuitry, the systems operate between 554-865 MHz and offer up to 1,440 selectable frequencies across 36 MHz. Users can operate up to 40 compatible systems simultaneously (area-dependent) when both U.S. frequency bands are utilized. All ULX receivers include Predictive Diversity™ circuitry to minimize RF dropout and feature multifunction, liquid crystal displays for monitoring group/channel selection, battery level and TV channel. ULX Professional systems automatically scan all frequency groups to find the maximum number of compatible frequencies, and also feature frequency and volume lockouts, advanced front panel controls, indicators for RF signal strength, remote-mountable wave antennas and a rackmountable metal chassis. ULX Systems are available in over 30 system configurations with a variety of microphone options. ULX Standard systems range from $960 to $1,500. (With an SM58 handheld transmitter, it's $1,050.) ULX Pro prices range from $1,223 to $2,953. (A single-channel ULX Pro system with a Beta 87C handheld transmitter is $1,486.)