SHURE BETA 58 VOCAL ARTIST UHF Shure Inc. ( offers the Beta 58 Vocal Artist UHF, combining the performance of the super-cardioid Beta 58A


Shure Inc. ( offers the Beta 58 Vocal Artist™ UHF, combining the performance of the super-cardioid Beta 58A with Shure's UT Series wireless technology. Available for a limited time only, the system uses Shure's MARCAD® diversity circuitry to optimize reception and minimize dropouts. The transmitter range is up to 100 meters, and up to eight systems can be used simultaneously. Shure is also making nine new UT wireless frequencies available. The system retails at $762.50.


Peavey ( offers the 16 LM, an 8-channel stereo line mixer. Each input channel features left and right unbalanced ¼-inch inputs; outputs are also unbalanced L/R ¼-inch connectors. Each input offers a front panel level control, and the output section offers a master level control, an LED clip indicator, and headphone output with a separate level control. The 16 LM is $124.99 and has a five-year warranty.


Sabine's ( True Diversity 2.4GHz spread-spectrum wireless mic technology allows up to 50 units to operate within a single location. The 2.4GHz band is globally accepted and clear of the new DTV frequencies. SWM-5000 mics are available in single- and dual-channel models, and have Sabine's built-in Targeted Input Processing, which includes the FBX Feedback Exterminator, a compressor/limiter, intelligent de-essing and Mic SuperModeling. This last feature allows the system's standard Audix OM-3 (or optional OM-5) capsule to emulate different mics; users can recall up to 10 presets per channel on the receiver. The system is available with handheld or body pack transmitters; options include rackmount antenna distribution for up to six receivers and a low-profile extension antenna.


The Sennheiser ( SKP 30 miniature RF transmitter plugs into the XLR output of any passive or phantom-powered mic. Featuring Sennheiser's HiDyn plus™ noise-reduction system, the SKP 30 transmits over 16 pre-programmed (and lockable) PLL-controlled frequencies chosen from 1,280 user-accessible frequencies within the unit's operating range. Compatible with Sennheiser's 3000 and 5000 Series receivers, the SKP 30 maintains signal-to-noise ratio of 114 dB. Sensitivity is adjustable via -10 and -20dB pads, and the unit includes switchable 48V phantom power and low-battery power status displays on both transmitter and receiver.


The Freeway™ Professional range of UHF wireless systems from Audio-Technica ( is available in handheld, headworn, lavalier, guitar and bodypack versions. Featuring 10 selectable UHF channels, Freeway systems offer two independent frequency bands (470-480 MHz and 482-492 MHz), allowing up to eight channels to operate simultaneously. Each UHF system includes the ATW-R600, a 10-channel frequency-agile receiver with advanced dipole antenna, bodypack or handheld mic transmitter, squelch and volume controls, and AF Peak, RF and Power indicators. The ATW-T601 UniPak™ bodypack transmitter has a dual-impedance input for instruments or mics. The ATW-T602 handheld dynamic mic/transmitter is included with the ATW-602 system. All transmitters operate on a single 9-volt battery, and have a battery-condition indicator, an off/standby/on switch, internal channel selector and variable trim control. Prices range from $349.95 to $459.95.


Quik-Lok (dist. by Music Industries Corp.; debuts the S-170 Tripod Speaker Stand, featuring Quik-Lok's exclusive non-strip, height-adjustment collar and a heavy-duty nylon leg joint with tightening block. Constructed from lightweight steel tubing, the 8.9-pound S-170 will support speakers weighing up to 125 pounds, and has a steel safety pin to lock the stand when folded for transport. Minimum height of the S-170 is 52 inches; maximum height is 78.7 inches. When folded, the S-170 measures 45.3 inches. A provided adapter accommodates speaker cabinets with a 1.5-inch diameter standmount socket. Available in a black matte finish, the S-170 has a limited lifetime warranty and is $99.95.


The Yorkville ( LS1208 “basspipe” subwoofer has a high power-handling 18-inch woofer feeding a multiple flare horn, which is, in turn, connected to an organ-like pipe. Inputs are ¼-inch or Speakon, and a configuration switch allows for easy single-wire hookup using optional four-wire Speakon cables. Cabinets are constructed of ¾-inch Canadian ply with heavy internal bracing and black carpet finish. Price: $999.


Blackhurst Stagegear ( offers a variety of standard and custom racks, workboxes and road cases. The new RUM Series racks with mixer tops include the RUM 16/24, a 16-space utility rack with a slanted top rack for a rackmount mixer. A three-lid design allows access to all rack and mixer connections, and options include a rear rack rail and various wheel and dolly options. The RUM 16/24 features Baltic birch construction and a gray carpet finish.


The new MPro Series MP418SP subwoofer from JBL Professional ( has an integrated 2-channel Crown power amplifier rated at 660 watts into 4 ohms each channel; the second amp channel can power a second sub or a full-range speaker. Designed for use with JBL's MPro speakers or powered EON G2 models, the MPro 418SP's compact bass-reflex enclosure has an 18-inch driver and a Crown Audio integral amp/signal processing module. Additional features include a pole-mount for supporting satellite speakers, Duraflex™ finish, steel handles, steel grille and casters. The 119-pound MP418SP measures 24.3×21.2×30.6 inches. Frequency range is 30-150 Hz.


The SPL-trik™ stage monitor from Sound Physics Labs ( is the latest in its growing line of high-fidelity, high-output, Boundary-Compliant™ loudspeakers. Featuring a 60°×60° coverage angle, the SPL-trik has four 8-inch, direct-radiating LF drivers (two on either side of the horn) and four 4-inch horn-loaded mid drivers emanating from a 1-inch, HF compression driver at the back of the horn. Frequency response is 44-18k Hz (±3 dB). Constructed of 13-ply Baltic birch covered in tough Line-X Truck Bed Liner material, the SPL-trik measures 17.5×19×35.5 inches and weighs 108 pounds. Price: $2,495.


The Compact 1 self-powered speaker from D.A.S. Audio ( is a three-way, bi-amplified system. Each Compact 1 has two 500W ICEpower® amp modules (made by Bang & Olufsen PowerHouse) driving the LF and mid/high sections. Lows are via a 15-inch G-354 woofer with 4-inch voice coil. The midrange horn is loaded with a 6-inch B-6 cone speaker, with HF handled by a 1-inch exit M-5 compression driver with 2-inch titanium diaphragm coupled to a CD horn. The Wisa® Birch plywood trapez-oidal enclosure features multiple coats of catalyze polyure-thane paint and a steel grille. Ancra® Track flying hardware allows for precise vertical coverage, and 16 M10 eye-bolt-based points are included. Price: $2,795.