New Sound Reinforcement Products

MEDIAMATRIX OCTOPOWER 850 MediaMatrix, a division of Peavey Electronics (, has introduced the Octopower 850, a cost-effective, multichannel


MediaMatrix, a division of Peavey Electronics (, has introduced the Octopower 850, a cost-effective, multichannel commercial power amp for fixed installs. The versatile Octopower 850 features nine bridgeable channels, each with 50 watts of full-bandwidth power into a 4-ohm load. Any combination of two channels can be bridged, with the maximum bridged configuration providing one 50W amp at 4 ohms and four 100W amps at 8 ohms. High-current Form C Fault-Monitoring Contacts provide basic levels of amplifier redundancy and signaling for system-wide supervision and speaker-level switching. The front panel of this two-rack-space, fan-cooled package has fault status and audio level indicators for all nine channels; the rear panel includes removable I/O connections, recessed audio level controls and an IEC AC cable socket.


The S-Type is a compact, entry-level live mixer with Cadac's ( high standards for performance and reliability. The board is offered in 17, 25 and 33-slot frame sizes and can be easily expanded via optional bus connectors. Users can mix and match input/output modules to custom-configure the console; for example, a standard 25-slot frame can be configured with 16 mono inputs, eight mono or stereo group outs (which include aux outputs, matrix outs and DC master faders) and an oscillator/comm module. Input channels feature 4-band parametric EQ (pre/post-insert- switchable) and 100mm P&G faders. The eight aux sends (two are stereo) are pre/post-fade-switchable, and a stereo line input channel is available. A typically configured 25-slot console is priced around $25,000.


JBL Professional's ( extensive Application Engineered (AE) Series of installation range loudspeakers are offered in several formats and power ranges. The AC2215 models are compact 15-inch, two-way loudspeakers available in three coverage patterns (90°×50°, 60°×40° and 100°×100°); all are bi-amp/passive-switchable. The three AC2212 models are compact 12-inch, two-way loudspeakers, also bi-amp/passive-switchable, with the same coverage patterns. These models incorporate JBL's new PT Series Progressive-Transition Waveguides for low distortion and uniform off-axis frequency response. U-brackets are standard, Speakon and CE-approved barrier strips are available, and all AE models feature JBL's exclusive DuraFlex finish.


Westone Laboratories ( debuts two new Elite Series custom-fit in-ear monitors (IEMs): the ES1 ($375) and the dual-driver ES2 ($650). Westone can also provide customized Elite Series IEMs in users' chosen colors, finishes and shapes. All custom-fit monitors require impressions of the user's ears taken by a hearing healthcare professional. Visit Westone's Website for a nationwide directory, as well as crucial information on in-ear issues and how to get started with in-ear monitoring.


The Radial JDV Mk3 direct box from Radial Engineering ( combines multiple inputs/outputs with high-voltage, feed-forward, Class-A circuit topology and comprehensive user controls. A two-stage impedance-matching system provides the correct interface to piezo pickups; a Drag Control⁚ impedance-resistance network lets users set the proper loading between instrument and amp. The JDV's input panel has high/lowpass filters and two selectable inputs to connect two instruments at once. Four TRS outputs include a direct out, a tuner output and two Class-A instrument outs to drive alternate amps, effect boxes or stereo rigs. Also standard are a Class-A balanced XLR output to the console, polarity reverse and ground lift switches, -15/-30dB pads and a heavy 14-gauge steel chassis.