New Sound Reinforcement Products

SURGEX ICE The ICE 20C and 20H Inrush Current Elimination (ICE) remote-control units from SurgeX ( offer remote soft turn-on and fixed-time


The ICE 20C and 20H Inrush Current Elimination (ICE) remote-control units from SurgeX ( offer remote soft turn-on and fixed-time sequencing to prevent the tripping of circuit breakers by high-powered audio amps. When daisy-chained and controlled by SurgeX's SX2120-SEQ, ICE products will act as a sequencer for multiple amplifier applications. Both the cord-connected ICE 20C and the hardwired 20H feature advanced impedance-tolerant EMI/RFI filtering to help eliminate line noise.


The MCA 4200 4-channel power amp from Peavey Electronics' ( Architectural Acoustics division features four independent 200-watt channels in a compact, fan-cooled, two-rackspace package. The unit can supply full output power to low impedance (4/8-ohm) and high impedance (70-volt) loads simultaneously in 2-channel configurations; bridged operation is possible. Each output has short-circuit and Peavey SPS loudspeaker protection; all inputs are on removable Euro connectors, plus two modular bays with MMA Series input-module support.


The Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 digital loudspeaker management system from Behringer ( has 24-bit/ 96kHz converters and a 112dB dynamic range. With three analog inputs and six analog outputs, one DCX2496 can drive a three-way system or three bi-amp outputs for monitors; or one input can be used as a digital stereo AES/EBU feed to studio monitors. A link option via RS-485 network interface can cascade units for larger four/five/six-way systems. Individual filters offer characteristics from Butterworth and Bessel to Linkwitz-Riley, with 6 to 48dB/octave roll-off. DSP includes dynamic EQ, “zero-attack” protection limiters and adjustable delays on all inputs/outputs for manual or automatic correcting to room temperature, phase and arrival-time differences. An open architecture allows future remote Windows software updates; a PCMCIA memory card slot stores preferred user settings. Retail: $439.99.


Westone Laboratories ( designed the Westone UM56 to replace the foam or soft-mushroom eartips of many of the “universal” in-ear monitors (IEMs). The canal-style custom sleeve offers improved fit, comfort and fidelity for musicians and technicians already using IEMs such as Westone's UM1 and dual-driver UM2, and Shure's E1 and E5 models. As the UM56 is a custom product, it requires ear impressions to be made by a hearing healthcare professional; Westone provides a searchable list of such professionals on the company's Website. Retail price for a pair of UM56 sleeves is around $100.


The Rane ( AC 24 cross- over combines analog controls with DSP circuitry, offering features and performance not possible with conventional analog designs. This stereo, four-way, 24dB/octave, Linkwitz-Riley processor features automatic phase-compensation filters, 10ms alignment delay on each output, independent limiter for each output, high-mid and high horn EQs, invert switching for each filter output, stereo or mono LF output and a summed output. Beyond basic crossover duties, the AC 24 can function as a split-band limiter, linked-control stereo unit, independent dual-mono crossover or in full three- or four-way operation. Retail: $999.