New Sound Reinforcement Products

MEYER MM-4 Meyer Sound's ( MM-4 Ultra-Compact Wide-Range Loudspeaker is a compact loudspeaker for 70-volt distributed applications.


Meyer Sound's ( MM-4 Ultra-Compact Wide-Range Loudspeaker is a compact loudspeaker for 70-volt distributed applications. The first product in Meyer's new Industrial Series of loudspeakers, the MM-4 mounts a single 4-inch, 16-ohm cone driver in a sealed enclosure. Unlike conventional 70-volt systems, the MM-4 does not require a transformer. In distributed applications, the MM-4 connects directly to the 70-volt line through an optional L-pad that controls the loudspeaker's output level. Drawing 300 watts peak from the line, the MM-4 produces 110dB peak SPLs. Used with the companion MM-4CEU Control Electronics Unit (a 2-channel, single-rackspace unit providing frequency- and phase-response correction circuitry), the MM-4's usable frequency response is 125-15k Hz. Enclosures are paintable, black-anodized extruded aluminum, with custom paint available. The 4-pound MM-4 has an optional U-bracket drilled to fit a Unimount bracket, and an accessory flush-mount kit handles ceiling or in-wall installs. The MM-4 is $350; the MM-4CEU controller is $1,800.


Soundcraft ( offers the MH4 multipurpose live performance console, a new modular design offered in 24/32/40/48 mono input frames (a 56-input version is promised), all with four additional stereo inputs. Mono modules anywhere in the input section may be replaced with additional stereo modules. Easily configured for FOH, monitor or mixed FOH/monitor duties, the MH4 features new mic preamp and EQ designs, 20 aux buses, true LCR panning and outputs, and an integral 20×8 matrix. The eight VCA and eight mute groups feature snapshot automation and MIDI control capability, and the 4-band stereo EQ on the aux outputs can be switched into the group inject paths. The MH4 also includes a passive mic split for each input and intercom capabilities with integral Clearcom interface. Pricing, dependent on frame size, ranges from $23,995 (24 mono, 4 stereo channels) to $37,295 (48/4).


The SoundPlug from the Visionary Sound Company ( is a cable checker built into the end of an XLR connector; to test a cable, simply connect the SoundPlug to the end of a cable and hold it up to your ear. The single-ended test device simplifies troubleshooting when it is difficult or impossible to get to both ends of a cable, and provides a convenient way to determine where an audio signal chain is broken or diverted. A passive device, SoundPlug does not require a battery and reproduces all line-level audio signals — volume depends on how close it is held to the ear. Small enough to fit in a pocket, the SoundPlug may be clipped to a key ring with the optional KeyClip accessory, and is available in six different colors. A 5-pin DMX version of the SoundPlug is available for lighting professionals. Price is $39.95.


Applied Research and Technology ( offers the Power Station 4×4 Metered Power Conditioner and Light Module, a rackmount AC strip with a backlit meter-monitoring input voltage. Housed in a rugged, all-steel chassis, the PS 4×4 also includes a backlit Ammeter showing load current in amperes. While the voltmeter stays relatively stable, varying slightly with line voltage and house wiring, the ammeter indicates actual power consumed. With a total power capacity of 1,800 watts, the PS 4×4 includes surge/spike protection, RFI/EMI filtering and a 15-amp breaker. An illuminated on/off power switch and a circuit breaker reset switch appear on the front panel. The rear of the unit features eight AC outputs, four of them widely spaced to accommodate “wall warts.” Retail is $149.


EAW ( debuts the BH760 subwoofer, a bent-horn subwoofer designed to complement the KF760 Line Array. Designed to be easily transportable with integral handles and an optional caster pallet, the BH760 is also suitable for other applications requiring high output at low frequencies in a small package. Built-in skids on the top and bottom of the cabinet drop into recesses on vertically adjacent enclosures to prevent stacked enclosures from sliding. The cabinet's 45-inch depth allows for an efficient, two-wide truck pack.