New Sound Reinforcement Products

XTA DEBUTS SERIES 2 DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSORS XTA Electronics ( has announced four new digital signal processors in its new Series 2 line.


XTA Electronics ( has announced four new digital signal processors in its new Series 2 line. The C2 Dual/Stereo Compressor, D2 Stereo Dynamic EQ, E2 Stereo Parametric EQ and G2 Dual/Stereo Gate feature the power of DSP technology allied to user-friendly, traditional, front panel controls. The C2 compressor includes “look-ahead” attack times for instantaneous transient control, automatic time constants and built-in sidechain EQ. The D2 stereo dynamic equalizer offers linked sidechains for 100% tracking accuracy, three bands of fully adjustable dynamic EQ, with independent control of envelope and frequency per band and switchable shelving. Each band can be monitored and independently bypassed. The E2 provides four bands of fully parametric sweepable EQ, each with high-resolution Q and level adjustment. The G2 dual-channel/stereo-gating system offers fully adjustable envelope including hold time and large status LEDs showing attack, hold and release phases. Prices are $1,795 for each of the Series 2 processors.


BSS Audio ( has released new firmware for the FDS-366 Omnidrive Compact Plus loudspeaker management system. The new firmware, Version 1.10, features a new menu system to speed navigation and setup, and BSS has also enhanced the functionality of the Alignment Assistant facility, allowing for automatic alignment of loudspeaker drivers by means of an integral pink-noise source and alignment algorithm. Current FDS-366 owners may download a free software loader that will update the firmware from


Crown International announces that IQ for Windows software Version 5.1 is now available for free download at The new application is an upgrade from Version 5.0 released last fall and offers key improvements. IQ for Windows V. 5.1 is a powerful, 32-bit software application designed for configuring, controlling and monitoring Crown IQ Systems, and is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000/Professional and NT 4+. IQ for Windows V. 5.1 fully supports Crown's six new CTs Series amplifiers, including the 4-channel CTs 4200 and 8-channel CTs 8200. The new software also now implements a drag-and-drop methodology to create custom user-controlled panels.


Neutrik ( has introduced the Speakon SPX Series, which offers the same rugged reliability of the Speakon NL4FC with increased power handling, connection security and flexibility. The SPX, which includes the NL4FX and the NL4FRX Series, delivers 50 amps RMS of continuous current on all contacts for audio applications. Electrical contact is made only after the NL4FX is completely inserted and locked, which prevents arcing when disconnected under load. The new cable connector consists of only three parts, and the one-piece internal chuck accepts cables with outer diameters of 6-14 mm (0.24-0.55 inches). A right-angle version, NL4FRX, is also available. The NL4FX can be ordered with boots in any of five colors.


Electro-Voice ( has introduced the Precision Series line of DSP-controlled, 2-channel power amplifiers with five new models: the P3000 RL, the P1200 RL, the P900 RL, and two 70-volt models, the P1200 RT and the P900 RT. All feature E-V's RCM-124 digital engine, which provides remote control of all amplifier parameters, centralized system configuration, and preset and program change for different applications. The RCM-124 also facilitates the display of acoustical responses of E-V speakers in real time and the selection of processed presets for E-V loudspeakers. Signal processing includes 12 filters, two delays, and a compressor and a limiter for each amplifier channel.


dbx ( offers the DriveRack PA, a rackmount unit that provides two input and six output channels, each featuring an array of signal processing for a wide array of sound reinforcement applications. Each channel has an assignable EQ that may be switched between 28-band graphic and multiband parametric types, multiple crossover options and limiters on the output channels. Additional features include integral feedback suppression, the dbx 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer, and a built-in RTA with a front panel XLR mic input. A Wizard Setup menu speeds setups and includes presets for JBL speaker and Crown amplifier tunings. Price is $499.95.