New Sound Reinforcement Products

CREST PRO 200 SERIES The Pro 200 Series professional power amps from Crest Audio ( has three new models: the $2,630 Pro 8200 offers


The Pro 200 Series professional power amps from Crest Audio ( has three new models: the $2,630 Pro 8200 offers 1,450 watts per channel (4,500 watts bridged) into 4 ohms; the $1,970 Pro 7200 provides 1,000 W/channel (3,300 watts bridged); and the $1,600 Pro 5200 delivers 525 W/channel (1,800 watts bridged). All three amps occupy 2U and weigh 25 pounds, offering increased power, a smaller enclosure and lower weight at a reduced cost. Features include automatic clip limiting, IGM impedance sensing (automatically modifies the gain to the output impedance), front panel input attenuators, AutoRamp circuitry to minimize power-on thumps, tunnel-cooled high-efficiency heat sinks, and variable-speed DC fans. XLR inputs are actively balanced; outputs are Speakon and binding posts.


Future Sonics ( has announced a special limited-time “PowerPack” offer. The Future Sonics Power- Pack contains two sets of Future Sonics Ears™ universal-fit monitor earphones (model EM3) and a Sennheiser Evolution Series 300 wireless system, complete with carrying cases and extra universal-fit foam-sleeve sample packs. Price for the complete package is $799, and the offer is valid for direct orders only via the Future Sonics Website. Orders must be received by March 1, 2003.


The SA6000 family of ACOustAlarm products from ACO Pacific ( can provide a clear warning when sound-pressure levels (SPLs) are potentially dangerous. The SA6000 family features true RMS detection; A, C and Linn frequency-response selections; dBA, dBC or dBSPL displays; custom mounting configurations; and optional remote mic and signaling outputs. The SA6000 has a standard SPL range of 50 dB to 130 dB, but the system can be used to respond to signals from -20 dBA to well over 150dB SPL.


Shure ( has replaced its Beta 52 and Beta 56 mics with the Beta 52A and Beta 56A, respectively. Improvements include a larger adjustment knob and more durable tightening mechanism, though the sound quality remains unchanged. Both articulating mics now also employ a wider mounting base that accommodates a larger range of microphone stands; the Beta 56A even works with the LP Claw. List prices remain the same: Beta 52A, $336.70; and Beta 56A, $243.49.


MediaMatrix, a division of Peavey Electronics (, offers the X-Bridge, a single-rackspace CobraNet audio network interface for the X-Frame 88 digital audio processor. With the X-Bridge, up to four simultaneous CobraNet audio bundles appear within the X-Ware software as two sets of 8-channel inputs/outputs. Various system configurations are possible, including interfacing with larger, frame-based MediaMatrix systems, stand-alone CobraNet operation using the popular CAB Series breakout boxes, or peer-to-peer systems for long-distance audio transport. The X-Bridge supports both RS-232 and RS-485 serial data interfaces, so XControl controllers and third-party control systems can easily communicate with the X-Frame 88 via the CobraNet network. The X-Bridge includes switchable front panel metering to monitor network audio signals.