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MARTIN AUDIO AMPS Martin Audio ( expands its MA range of power amps with the MA1.3 (650 watts into 4 ohms stereo), the MA1.6 (840
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Martin Audio ( expands its MA range of power amps with the MA1.3 (650 watts into 4 ohms stereo), the MA1.6 (840 watts into 4 ohms stereo), the MA2.8 (1,400 watts into 4 ohms stereo) and the MA4.2 (2,100 watts into 4 ohms stereo). A new Minimum Load switch in the MA1.6, MA2.8 and MA4.2 models allows users to match the output power to the loudspeaker impedance. Other new features include an efficient copper-cooling system, advanced protection circuits, clip limiters and a high power-to-weight ratio.


Electro-Voice ( offers the RE510, a super-cardioid, handheld condenser mic, which features broad bandwidth, low distortion and wide dynamic range. A low-frequency roll-off switch (securely located beneath the integral windscreen) tailors the RE510's response to compensate for proximity effect. Designed to handle high SPLs, the RE510 is equally suited for vocals or miking guitar amps, cymbals or kick drums. Additional features include a Warm Grip handle for reduced handling noise, a multistage pop filter and a Memraflex™ grille. The RE510 is also available in a wireless head version to use with E-V's RE-1 wireless system.


D&B Audiotechnik ( has completed final testing of the C3 line array module, a long-throw extension to the D&B C4 system. The C3 loudspeaker is a horn-loaded design that's both vertically and horizontally arrayable, and offers the same 35° horizontal dispersion (above 900 Hz) as a C4, but with a 5° vertical-HF dispersion per cabinet. The total frequency range of the vertical-curved coherent wave front of a C3 column depends on the column's overall length. Driven by a D&B P1200A mainframe amp in two-way active mode, the C3 can produce max SPLs of 143 dB.


Klark Teknik's ( Helix DN9340 is a dual-channel digital audio EQ in a two-rackspace package. The intuitive, simple-to-operate unit offers five main functions, including dual 31-band graphic EQ, dual 12-filter fully parametric EQ, dynamic or “Threshold-Dependent” EQ, four configurable filters per channel and configurable delay of up to 1 second per channel. When suitably connected and programmed, the Helix DN9340 also interfaces with Midas Heritage and Legend consoles via an Auto-Solo function that brings up the relevant channel or bus in the Helix control surface, allowing instant access to all of the Helix functions. Up to 64 channels of Helix can be interconnected via the rear panel RS-232 connection using RS-485 standard microphone cables.


Gepco International Inc. ( has expanded the 5526GFC Series of 110-ohm digital audio multipair cables to include the 24-pair 552- 624GFC. Rated UL-type CM, 552624GFC features 110-ohm impedance, low jitter and attenuation, ease of termination and flexibility. Pair construction consists of two stranded, 26-gauge conductors, foam polypropylene insulation, 100% foil shield with drain wire, and a color-coded and alphanumerically numbered PVC jacket. Each pair also features a nonconductive polyethylene rod that maintains the impedance, lowers the capacitance and provides structural integrity. Gepco's GEP-FLEX outer jacket offers superior abrasion resistance, durability and flexibility at all temperatures.