New Sound Reinforcement Products

ALCONS “THE RIBBON” LINE ARRAY Alcons Audio ( is now shipping its LR16 “The Ribbon”


Alcons Audio ( is now shipping its LR16“The Ribbon” line array, an active two-way system that canbe stacked or flown in vertical arrays. The compact and flexible designmakes it ideal for small to medium venues, and with a maximum SPL of135 dB per unit (and 1,000-watt peak handling), it's also suitable forlarger applications when used in extended arrays. High frequency isprovided by Alcons' powerful RBN601 ribbon driver, offering superbintelligibility/throw and excellent gain before feedback. Frequenciesbelow 1,200 Hz are via two 8-inch mid-bass drivers, allowing truefull-range use down to 55 Hz.


Altair Audio ( debuts Electra E-3, asemi-modular console designed for front-of-house or monitorapplications. Offered in 32/40/48-input channel configurations, ElectraE-3 features eight subgroups, 16 auxes, eight VCAs with motorizedfaders, an 8×16 matrix and LCR output masters. Eight mute masterscan store 128 mute scenes, and digital parametric equalization andonboard dynamics complement the aux outs. Inputs have 4-band EQ, withpeak-shelf switchable LF/HF bands and fully parametric mids. Meteringis extensive with nine-step LEDs next to each fader, along with 24 LEDmeters on the auxes and groups, and four mechanical VUs for PFL and LCRmasters. A connector for an optional redundant power supply is alsostandard.


Ranging in size from the 830W L-800 up to the 2,400W L-2400, the newL Series 2-channel amps from Inter-M Americas ( only two rackspaces. Features include rear-exit forced-aircooling, switchable clip limiting, 30/50Hz highpass filters, and frontpanel status indicators for levels, clip, stereo/parallel/bridged modesand activation of protective circuits. The rear panel has binding postand Speakon outputs and Combo TRS/XLR inputs.


The MM 42 Monitor Processor from Rane ( lets performers and engineersoptimize personal monitors while ensuring a safe, dynamic mix.Connecting in-line between a console and a wired/wireless monitorsystem, the MM 42 processes a single stereo mix (or two independentmono mixes) using shelf/cut filters, 3-band compression, 5-bandparametric EQ and 3-band peak limiting. An assignable low-frequencyoutput with adjustable bandpass filter allows direct connection topowered subs or bass “shakers” without an externalcrossover. The onboard headphone amp (¼- and 1/8-inch jacks) andCue Bus functionality permit easy setup and monitoring of multiplemixes. Retail is $999.

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Sound Physics Labs ( debuts “TheRunt,” a compact, powerful loudspeaker usable as a main P.A.,pole-mount, monitors or as sidefills. Placed on its side or upright,The Runt's boundary-compliant design allows placing the unit directlyon a physical boundary for improved gain before feedback without the“self-interference” that other designs produce. The Runtfeatures two 8-inch woofers and a 1-inch HF compression driver, with acommon Baltic birch horn in SPL's patented Unity Summation Apertureconfiguration. Response is 65-20k Hz (±3 dB), power handling is400W continuous and coverage is 90°×55°. The 65-poundunit is 24×14×13 inches (H×D×W) and has two NLAconnectors.