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JBL VERTEC SUBWOOFER JBL Professional ( has introduced the VERTEC model VT4880 dual 18-inch subwoofer, which is designed as a purpose-built
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JBL Professional ( has introduced the VERTEC™ model VT4880 dual 18-inch subwoofer, which is designed as a purpose-built arrayable subwoofer to supplement the VT4889 full-frequency line array cabinet. Weighing 129 pounds, one VT4880 delivers a maximum peak output of 138dB SPL (1 meter) and has a 1,200-watt AES system power rating. Containing two JBL 2258H 18-inch dual voice coil, Direct-Cooled™ cone transducers with Neodymium Differential Drive®, the VT4880 features advanced construction techniques and hybrid materials for an exceptionally rigid, lightweight enclosure. The cabinet also features JBL's roadworthy DuraFlex™ finish and weatherized component transducers.
See JBL at NSCA Expo booth #1107


BSS Audio ( has introduced the ProSys PS-8810 digital signal processor, a 2U, rackmount, fixed-path digital processor with eight inputs and 10 outputs. The ProSys PS-8810 offers a wide range of signal processing functions, including EQ, gating, compression, auto-mix and delay, and all outputs have dedicated processing paths. All ProSys functions may be set up and controlled from IQ for Windows, and presets may be recalled via a PC, contact closure or the PS-8810's own internal events scheduler. In addition to Crown's IQ communication protocol, the ProSys PS-8810 is optionally compatible with CobraNet audio networks.
See BSS at NSCA Expo booth #1111


Audio-Technica ( has introduced four new handheld microphones (two condenser, two dynamic) as part of the new Artist Elite™ Series. Models include the AE5400 Cardioid Condenser Microphone, a true condenser, large-diaphragm design that exhibits linear and uniform off-axis response, and includes a switchable 80Hz highpass filter, a 10dB pad and a multilevel windscreen. Other models in the range include the AE3300 Cardioid Condenser, the AE6100 Hypercardioid Dynamic and the AE4100 Cardioid Dynamic. All models are supplied with A-T's new AT8470 Quiet-Flex™ stand clamp. Prices are $579 for the AE5400, $439 for the AE3300, and $289 for the AE6100 and AE4100.
See Audio-Technica at NSCA Expo booth #2015


Community ( offers the MVP40 subwoofer for use with any fullrange MVP Series system. Measuring 34×18×15 inches (H×W×D), the MVP40 contains a single 18-inch woofer capable of handling 300-watt RMS/750W program, and has a maximum output of 123dB SPL at 1 meter. Frequency response is 40-250 Hz. Ruggedly constructed and covered with durable black carpeting, the internally braced enclosure features a socket stand and pole, rubber feet, recessed handles, ¼-inch input connectors, and a perforated, 16-gauge steel grille. Interlocking corner protectors facilitate easy stacking. The MVP40 is priced at $684.75.
See Community at NSCA Expo booth #2000


QSC Audio Products Inc. ( has upgraded its RAVE digital audio transport system to accommodate 24-bit/48kHz audio. Enhancements to both the QSC hardware and the CobraNet™ protocol allow RAVE/s-24 to provide 24-bit/48kHz A/D and D/A converters. Using an SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) browser, users can configure CobraNet bundles to transmit up to seven channels of 24-bit audio instead of the default configuration of eight channels of 20-bit audio. In addition to defining a 24-bit network, users can also configure, route and monitor network-bundle assignments and conductor-priority levels via an SNMP browser. When using two RAVE analog output units as master and slave in a redundant network, it is now possible to combine their outputs to provide a single audio signal to the destination audio device.
See QSC at NSCA Expo booth #2219


MacPherson Inc. ( has introduced the Scholar Series Model 118 subwoofer in Installation and Road versions. Compact (just over 23 inches high) and designed to be configured in multi-cabinet arrays, the Model 118 Road version features a bandpass design with critically damped tuning, heavy-duty thermoplastic skid rails, epoxy finish and two handles per side. The Model 118 Install version is available with and without 16 threaded-attachment points. Both versions do not require special processing and may be driven from a standard electronic crossover highpass output.
See MacPherson at NSCA Expo booth #918


The SWM-5000 wireless microphone system from Sabine ( is reportedly the first wireless microphone system with True Diversity 2.4GHz spread-spectrum technology, which allows up to 50 units to operate within a single location. Available with handheld, lavalier or headworn microphones in 1- and 2-channel models, SWM-5000 wireless systems include Sabine's FBX Feedback Exterminator® (a compressor/limiter and an intelligent de-esser) and Sabine's Mic SuperModeling™ feature, which modifies the standard capsule (an Audix OM-3) to sound like one of several well-known dynamic or condenser mic elements. Users may save and recall up to 10 presets per channel on the receiver, and retrieve custom settings on-the-fly. Programmable LCDs for each channel indicate RF and DSP status, and the system features a front panel lockout facility. Each transmitter is supplied with Switchcraft TA4F connectors and a rechargeable NiMH battery; the handheld microphone clip doubles as a charger stand. Accessories include rackmount antenna distribution for up to six receivers and a low-profile extension antenna.
See Sabine at NSCA Expo booth #1923


Crest Audio ( has added the LQ-12P Powered Speaker to the LQ Series of injection-molded enclosures. The bi-amplified LQ-12P features a trapezoidal polypropylene cabinet containing a 12-inch woofer with a 4-inch voice coil and water-resistant cone, and a 2-inch titanium diaphragm-compression driver coupled to a 1-inch Quadratic Throat Horn. Powered by two integrated amplifiers, the LQ-12P features an internal electronic, two-way crossover with CD horn EQ, level matching, active bass boost and subsonic filtering. The system has a dispersion pattern of 90°×45° degrees (H×V), frequency response is 61-18k Hz ±3 dB, and maximum output is 130dB SPL @1 meter. Connections are via one balanced combo female XLR/¼-inch phone jack and one balanced male XLR. The LQ-12P weighs 56 pounds, features extensive ribbing and bracing, and has a vinyl-coated perforated metal grille. Available in dark gray or black, the LQ-12P has mounting inserts top and bottom and a built-in standmount.
See Crest at NSCA Expo booth #1718


Hafler has introduced the THX-approved SR2800 live sound/fixed install amplifier, a new Class-G circuitry amplifier based around Hafler's patented Trans•nova platform. Capable of delivering 700 watts per channel (or 1,400 watts into a single channel), the SR2800 features balanced combo XLR and ¼-inch inputs, NOMAD protection circuitry, MOSFET outputs, five-way binding-post speaker connections, variable-speed dual fans, a regulated switching power supply and a five-year warranty.
See Hafler at NSCA Expo booth #2413


Whirlwind ( has introduced the Medusa® MultiSnake, a versatile direct box/multichannel mic snake combination. Available in various lengths for use as a main snake or as a sub snake in larger systems, the unit combines four premium direct boxes with a Medusa 4-channel mic snake into a single 8-input stage box measuring only 9.5×5.25×2.5 inches (H×W×D), including handle. The heavy-duty steel stage box features a wire-mesh strain relief and internal cable clamp; the Whirlwind multipair cable ends in a multichannel fan out featuring laser-engraved connectors. Custom options are available, such as SnakeSkin®, multipin disconnects, integrated cable reels and more.
See Whirlwind at NSCA Expo booth #1214


The UB2199-WP from EAW ( is a weather-resistant, two-way, fullrange loudspeaker designed for continued outdoor exposure. The enclosure is made of black polypropylene and features a foam-backed, stainless steel grille. Input connectors are Neutrik and barrier strip, and all exposed metal parts are treated with a weather-resistant powder-coating process. The UB2199-WP has a 1-inch exit high-frequency driver on 90° conical waveguide and a 12-inch low-frequency driver. EAW has also introduced the MQH1346e three-way, fullrange installation loudspeaker system. Designed to be used singularly or in horizontal arrays, the MQH1346e is a fullrange version of the MQ1346e that incorporates new MF and HF drivers. The MQH1346e may be used with or without the MQ1312 subwoofer (or any other low-frequency system) for extended low-frequency operation.
See EAW at NSCA Expo booth #2615