New Sound Reinforcement Products

SHURE SM86 CONDENSER Shure's ( SM86 handheld cardioid condenser mic features a wide 50-18kHz response, a two-stage windscreen/pop filter


Shure's ( SM86 handheld cardioid condenser mic features a wide 50-18kHz response, a two-stage windscreen/pop filter and a three-point internal shockmount to eliminate handling noise. Housed in Shure's familiar silver-colored, enamel-painted enclosure with steel-mesh grille, the SM86 delivers high gain before feedback and offers a tailored frequency response for clear vocal reproduction. Retail: $300.


JBL's ( VT4888, VT4887 and VT4881 line array system elements for medium/small applications join the existing VerTec VT4889 full-size line array element and VT4880 subwoofer. These new products feature JBL's Neodymium Differential Drive loudspeaker technologies, and all include integral suspension hardware. The mid-sized VT4888 is a full-range, dual-12, three-way design weighing 108 pounds. The VT4887 compact (31×11×16-inch) line array element is a dual 8-inch, biamplified, three-way design weighing 62 pounds. Frequency range is 60-22kHz. The 120-pound VT4881 is a compact, dual-coil, 15-inch, arrayable subwoofer with an 18-160Hz range. All feature composite-engineered panel enclosures and DuraFlex™ finishes. Transport dollies, rugged soft covers and a comprehensive selection of hardware fittings are available.


The latest digital live performance console from InnovaSon (, the COMPACT Sy40 is housed in the same chassis and offers the same footprint and number of faders as the Compact Live. Distributed in the U.S. by Sennheiser, the InnovaSon COMPACT Sy40 is configured with 40 input channels and 27 mix buses. As a stand-alone console, the COMPACT Sy40 supports 40 inputs and 16 outputs through 47 faders: 32, including eight stereo, for the 40 input channels, 12 stereo mix buses, plus three for the mono LCR masters. If linked to the InnovaSon Stage Box, the COMPACT Sy40 can be expanded to up to 72 inputs and 48 outputs.


Mackie Designs' ( SWA1801 is a high-output, 18-inch active subwoofer designed for live applications. Featuring an RCF Precision LF driver and a horn-loaded port design, the SWA1801 is driven by an integral 900-watt RMS high-current amplifier. The input panel has a polarity switch and recessed level control for the line-level input, with loop-out connectors and a highpass output to feed full-range speakers and/or amps. The 18mm, birch-ply, black-spatter finished cabinet has cast-aluminum handles and rear-mounted wheels. Dimensions are 25.1×30.5×29.7 inches (H×W×D); weight is 132 pounds. Price: $1,599.

E-V CDR-1000 UHF

Electro-Voice's ( CDR-1000 frequency-agile, wireless UHF receiver features E-V's Advanced ClearScan™ AutoChannel Select, Sound Check Screen, and 950-channel frequency agility and a USB port for real-time PC monitoring/control. A backlit LCD shows group/channel, transmitter battery status, diversity operation, RF and audio-level meters. Its antenna output jacks allow six receivers to operate on two antennas without a splitter; 24 receivers may be operated from two antennas and one APD4 antenna-distribution splitter. The companion CSH-1000 handheld transmitter has a silent power on/off, LCD channel display, low-battery indicator LED, 5mW or 50mW transmit power, and either an E-V N/DYM 767a dynamic or RE510 condenser element. A 9V battery provides up to 10 hours of operation. CDR-1000 prices begin at $2,400.