New Sound Reinforcement Products

AUDIO-TECHNICA HYBRID EARPHONES Now available in the U.S., the ATH-EC7 GM ear bud/clip-on hybrid headphones from Audio-Technica's (

Now available in the U.S., the ATH-EC7 GM ear bud/clip-on hybrid headphones from Audio-Technica's ( Import Series blend the comfort of an ear bud with the secure, adjustable fit of a clip-on. These lightweight phones have 15.5mm drivers with neodymium magnets for deep bass with extended treble response. (Total response is 10 to 24k Hz.) The unit's asymmetrical cord wraps around the back of the user's neck, draping over one shoulder, minimizing cable interference. Termination is a gold-plated stereo mini-plug. Retail is $249.95, including carry pouch and a 1-meter cable extension.

QSC ( is now shipping powered versions of its modular, arrayable MD enclosures, including full-range models MD-FP122/64r, MD-FP122/94r, MD-FP152/64r and MD-FP152/94r. All powered MD models feature lightweight 1,000 and 1,400-watt Class-D amp modules, and are offered in various coverage patterns with 12- or 15-inch woofers — all sharing the same 35 inch — tall, 30-degree trapezoidal enclosures as the passive range for easy creation of full-range or combined full-range/LF clusters. Cabinets can be tightly packed, splaying their 60×40-degree horns for uniform coverage in any multiple from 60 degrees to 360 degrees, with the radial front grilles forming a contiguous cylindrical surface. Other features include black or white finish, 15 attachment points, and rotatable HF horns (in full-range models) for horizontal or vertical use.

The latest product in Lectrosonics' ( DM Series of digital audio processors with LecNet2™ control software is the DM84. The unit can route any combination of inputs to any combo of outputs, and offers auto-mixing via a proportional gain algorithm, sophisticated filtering on each input and output, built-in delay on each input and output, and low throughput latency. Other features include eight mic/line inputs with four outputs, switchable phantom power, programmable front panel control knobs, and AMX and Crestron compatibility with USB and RS-232 interfaces for setup, control and daisy-chaining to additional LecNet2 devices.

Celestion ( augments its CDX range with two new compact, lightweight, neodymium compression drivers: the CDX1-1730 and CDX1-1731. The CDX1-1730 is a standard bolt-on, flange-mount design; the CDX1-1731 is intended for screw-mount applications. Both share the same specs: Power handling is 75 watts; impedance is 8 ohms; sensitivity is 110 dB (1W/1 m); frequency response is 1.2k to 20k Hz; and a 1.75-inch voice coil with 1-inch throat exit is offered. The new drivers use Celestion's Sound Castle™ system to ensure even clamping pressure on the diaphragm surround, reducing distortion while allowing the full internal volume of the rear cover to act as a loading chamber for the diaphragm. In related news, Celestion also launched the CDX-1746 (a screw-mount version of the ceramic-magnet CDX1-1745 driver) and an adaptor for screw mounting its CDX1-14 Series drivers.

Offered in powered (CF) or passive (CFX) versions, the new CF/CFX Series from Renkus-Heinz ( brings R-H performance to a lower price point. Powered models use the company's PF-1 Intelligent Digital Amplifier. Using simpler cabinet designs and offering fewer options to achieve cost efficiency, the series has four trapezoidal, two-way full-range cabinets with HF compression drivers on rotatable Complex Conic horns: the CF/CFX61 (6-inch LF and 150×60-degree horn), CF/CFX81 (8-inch LF with 150×60-degree horn), CF/CFX121 (12-inch LF and 90×60-degree horn) and CF/CFX151 (15-inch woofer and 90×40-degree horn). A two-way CF/CFX121M 12-inch woofer slant monitor is available, as is the CF/CFX18S single-18 direct-radiating subwoofer. Multipurpose hardware (such as handles, pole sockets and six-point universal mounts) makes the line adaptable for portable or fixed installs.

The latest update to Symetrix' SymNet Network Audio DSP platform, the SymNet Designer application Version 7 for Windows is available for download at Among its new loudspeaker-management and room-optimization modules are parametric EQ, high/lowpass filtering, delay, gain, invert and mute functions. The modules are offered in standard and Smaart™-compatible versions, the latter directly controlled from SIA Software's SmaartLive RTA software. Other enhancements include DTMF generator/auto-dialer modules for teleconferencing, third-party Ethernet Control of all SymNet functions, simplified workflows and more.