New Sound Reinforcement Products

KV2 AUDIO VHD SYSTEM The full VHD system from KV2 (dist. by American Music & Sound, is now available. The flagship VHD


The full VHD system from KV2 (dist. by American Music & Sound, is now available. The flagship VHD system is based on the VHD 2, a three-way, mid-high box with a 3-inch HF compression driver; dual horn-loaded, 8-inch speakers; and two horn-loaded, 12-inch mid-woofers. Dispersion is 80×40 degrees (H×V), and all-neodymium drivers keep weight for the 37×28×20-inch enclosure down to 154 pounds. System response is 25 to 22k Hz (depending on subwoofer) and max long-term SPL is 137 dB. Subwoofer choices include the VHD 2.15 dual-15-inch, a single 21-inch sub and a modular 4.18 that links four 18-inch LF boxes. Outboard amp/controllers combine Class-A/B power with internal EQ, digital delay, overdrive and thermal protection, 10-degree electronic tilt steering and more.

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Based on its ProPhonic 2X-S model, the 2MAX from Sensaphonics ( has a high-sensitivity design that's optimized for wireless personal monitors, with more output at lower volume settings. The earphones are molded from soft, transparent silicone for long life, a good seal and comfortable fit. The 2MAX has a stronger, more flexible cable in matte-silver or black. Like all Sensaphonics products, the 2MAX custom earphones can be purchased through the company or its audiologist network. Pro direct pricing is $850.


Three new MA Series amps from Martin Audio ( use lightweight, high-efficiency PWM technology to deliver up to 95 percent of the input power to the speakers with only 5 percent lost as heat dissipation. The series features comprehensive DSP functionality that is accessible from the front panel controls and LCD. Limiting, mains current draw, level and routing can all be controlled, and functions can be remotely operated and monitored by a PC via an RS-485 interface. An optional DSP card adds more functionality from onboard SHARC processing; a smart card can store and load parameters between amplifiers.

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The ProRack mixers from APB-DynaSonics ( are compact 10-space designs that, like the company's Spectra Series, feature minimum phase-shift circuitry, expressive EQ and high-performance preamps. The ProRack House has 12 mono input channels and four dual-mono/stereo input channels (20 mic preamps in total); the Monitor is fitted with 16 mono input channels. All mono and stereo inputs have variable (20Hz to 400Hz sweep range) highpass filters; mono channels have fixed HF/LF EQ bands and two sweepable mid-bands. The ProRack House has six (pre/post-fader-switchable) aux sends. The ProRack-Monitor can create eight stereo mixes and two mono mixes, while adding a passive input-splitter system.


Expanding on the speed and performance of the Pro64 platform, the 6416dio from Aviom ( provides 16 digital inputs and outputs to/from a Pro64 A-Net audio network in a single 2U package, using the AES3 format. The module's I/O sections can be independently configured to operate within a specified 16-channel A-Net Slot range, with configurable port assignments. The 6416dio supports all valid Pro64 sample rates, from 44.1/48 kHz to 192 kHz, and can clock internally or to a distributed network clock, AES digital input or word clock. Audio connections are DB-25 or optionally BNCs for broadcast environment integration. The 6416dio also includes I/O for Aviom Virtual Data Cables™, which can simultaneously distribute up to 14 channels of non-audio control data to any device on the Pro64 network.

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Part of a new line of cable-management products, the motorized, handheld Kaltman ( KCC50-5 cable coiler can coil up to 50 feet of mic cable (or Cat-5 cables, fiber-optic lines, speaker cords, co-ax, rope, etc.) in less than five seconds. Once the cable is coiled onto the spool, the cable slides off for storage. In addition to offering a 10:1 speed advantage over hand coiling, the unit creates no stress on the cable's internal conductors and no twisted tangles when uncoiling the cable for the next use.