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“Aida” on Broadway Sound company: Masque SoundSound designer: Steve Canyon Kennedy
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“Aida” onBroadway

Sound company:

Masque Sound
Sound designer: Steve Canyon Kennedy
Associate sound designer: John H. Shivers
FOH engineer/console: Phil Lojo/Cadac J-Type
Assistant engineer: Alain VanAchte
Loudspeakers/amps: EAW speakers/Crest amps
Key outboard gear: XTA EQ, XTA DP-200 and Valvotroniccompressor
Selected mics: Sennheiser MKE-2 Platinum and SK-50 wireless

Alan Jackson

Sound company:

FOH engineer/console: Phil Somers/Crest-Gamble EX56
Monitor engineer/console: Scott “Punko”Holloway/ATIParagon II
P.A./amps: Prism Arena Speaker System/Crown amps
Monitors: Prism SRM Stage Reference Monitors
Key outboard gear: TC M5000; Yamaha SPX900; Apogee CRQ-12; dbx160A, 165; Summit DCL-200
Selected mics: Shure Beta 58A (all vocals), Beta 57s, SM98;Sennheiser 409; Audio-Technica 4050

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Blue Man Group

Sound company:

Audio Analysts
FOH engineer/console: Matt Koenig/Yamaha PM1D
Monitor engineer/console: Mike Prowda/Yamaha PM1D
Loudspeakers/amps: JBL Vertec Line Array/Crown Amps
Monitors: Shure PSM 700 and 600 in-ears.
Key outboard: Eventide DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer, Lexicon PCM90,Roland SDE-3000 delay, MXR Flanger
Selected mics: Shure KSM32, SM98; Audix D4, OM7; Beyer M88s