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Joan Baez Sound Company: racks and stacks rented locallyFOH Engineer/Console: George Cowan/YamahaDM2000 with two 8-channel optical I/O paths (ADAT Lightpipe)

Joan Baez

Sound Company: racks and stacks rented locally
FOH Engineer/Console: George Cowan/Yamaha
DM2000 with two 8-channel optical I/O paths (ADAT Lightpipe) for recording
Monitor Engineer/Console: Jason Raboin/Midas Venice 320
Monitors: four wedges on four mixes (provided by promoter), three Sennheiser EW-300 IEM sets (Joan; Graham Maby, bassist; Cowan), two Rolls headphone amps (hardwired in-ear mixes)
Outboard Gear: 17-inch Apple G4 PowerBook running Digital Performer, two MOTU 828 FireWire AD/DA interfaces, Focusrite ISA 220 (mic pre, EQ, compressor, de-esser for vocal), PC laptop running SIA Smaart Live, eight channels of dbx 1066 compressors
Microphones: Neumann KMS 105 (vocal), Sennheiser Evolution Series (e602, kick; e604, toms; e903, snare top/bottom; e609 Silvers, guitars; e935, backing vocals), Shure SM98 (kick, beater side; doumbek), AKG 414 (overheads) and KM84 (bells)

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Sound Company: provided by venue/backline provided by band
FOH Engineer/Console: Darren Morze/Crest X VCA or Soundcraft Series 5
P.A./Amps: EAW arrays or floor systems with Crest power amps
Outboard Gear: Drawmer DL241, DS201; dbx 166XL, 160X; Valley People Gatex; BSS DPR-402; Yamaha REV500, SPX90 or 990; TC Electronic D2; Roland SDE1000
Microphones: Shure Beta 58, Beta 57 (vocals, snare bottom); Beyer M201 (guitar amp, snare top), M88 (bass amp); Sennheiser 409 (guitar amp), 421 (bass amp), 604 or Shure SM98 (toms); AKG D112 (kick) and 451 (overheads, hi-hat)