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Sound Company: Scorpio Sound Systems (Bridgewater, Mass.)
FOH Engineer/Board: George Wehrlin/Digidesign Profile
Monitor Engineer/Board: Tim Coakley/Digidesign D-Show
P.A./Amps: JBL VerTec/Lab.gruppen, Dolby Lake processing
Monitors: Sennheiser in-ears with Future Sonics molds, d&b C4/C7 (sidefill)
Microphones: Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, ATM, Beyer
Additional Crew: system techs Mark McArthur and Nate Moore


FOH Engineer/Board: Ben Wygonik/Midas Heritage 3000
P.A./Amps: house-provided
P.A./Monitors: house-provided/EAW
Outboard Gear: Korg Micro, Roland, Digi 002, MacBook, BSS 402/504, TC Electronic D2/M1
Microphones: AKG D112, Audio-Technica 4033, Shure SM57, RØDE NTK, Blue Dragonfly, Oktavia 0112, Neumann TLM 103