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HOW Sound

Ocean Springs Church Upgrades with ICONYX

As part of a major expansion, First Presbyterian Church in Ocean Springs, LA upgraded its audio system with Renkus-Heinz.

Ocean Springs, LA (January 16, 2018)—First Presbyterian Church in Ocean Springs, LA, recently underwent a major remodeling and expansion, gaining a new balcony and additional seating. As a part of the renovation, the worship facility also added a new audio and video system centered around a Midas Pro 1 console at FOH, Biamp Nexia DSP handling system processing, and a pair of Renkus-Heinz Iconyx IC24-RN digitally steered array loudspeakers.

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“It’s an acoustically challenging space to begin with—hardwood floors, flat walls, high ceilings, and a balcony with a glass front,” said Magnolia Music’s Rain Jaudon, who designed and installed the system with partner Tony Strong. Brought in during the planning phase, the Magnolia Music team previewed architectural renderings and designed AV systems for the new space, which included a balcony above the existing foyer to host audio, video, and lighting control, and an additional 100 seats under the new balcony.

A pair of Iconyx IC24-RN arrays are mounted on either side of the stage, albeit 10 feet above the platform, “several feet higher than we would have liked,” admitted Jaudon. Nonetheless, he reported, “the IC24s were able to create nice levels of intelligibility. We were able to use the variable acoustic centers to cover the main floor from the bottom of the array and the balcony from the top of the array.”

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