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HOW Sound

OFX Turns to EAW for Multiple HOW Installations

EAW Radius systems now reside in churches in Philadelphia and Columbia, MD.

Allendale, NJ (May 18, 2018)—Two east-coast churches recently got outfitted with EAW Radius sound reinforcement systems, with the installation in both cases handled by Outreach FX (OFX) of Allendale, NJ. The systems were deployed at the Philadelphia Christian Center in Pennsylvania, and at the new Owings Mills Reistertown satellite campus for Columbia, MD-based Bridgeway Community Church.

“The Philadelphia Christian Center sanctuary had a fairly high ceiling in a fan-shaped room, while the Owings Mills Reistertown space was wide with a very low ceiling,” said Chad Smith, project manager/designer for OFX. “In both cases, Radius provided clean, even coverage of the seating areas and helped create the environment each service required.”

For the Philadelphia Christian Center installation, where the sanctuary seats 400 on the floor and another 200 in the balcony, Smith specified two arrays of five RSX208L three-way, self-powered loudspeakers. A pair of RSX218 dual 18-inch subwoofers provided additional low end, with each located in the far corners of the floor. Two RSX12M stage monitors are on-stage for use by speakers and musicians alike.

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Inside the Owing Mills Reistertown sanctuary, Smith opted to hang four small arrays – each made up of two RSX208L loudspeakers – across the length of the stage. He also used four RSX18 18-inch subs, one placed behind each array, for additional low-end support.

Both systems run over Dante which allows audio and communication along a single Cat 5 cable. “I tuned each system with the Mosaic software, which is very robust,” said Smith. “The ability for us to deploy a software solution that our client can use that we can also fix as needed is genius. If there is a problem we just send them their setup file, they upload to their iPad and everything is reset.”

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One of the installations had a wrinkle to it that required some extra forethought, said Smith: “We knew going into the Philadelphia install that they were planning to move to a bigger space next year and wanted to take the system with them. With Radius, they can. I have no qualms about adding to the system so that it can cover a bigger sanctuary while still sound just as good as it sounds in their current location.”