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Live Sound

Old Dominion Hits the Road with ETL Edwina

Country act highlights new song on arena tour with Ear Trumpet Labs microphone.

Nashville, TN (April 10, 2019)—A highlight on country act Old Dominion’s current arena tour has been the performance of a new song, “One Man Band,” with the moment underlined by the group using an Edwina vocal microphone from boutique mic manufacturer Ear Trumpet Labs.

The large-diaphragm condenser Edwina model was selected for the quieter moment in an otherwise high-energy set, as lead vocalist Matthew Ramsey is joined by lead guitarist Brad Tursi to share the Edwina microphone for vocal harmonies.

Ear Trumpet Goes Dark with New Microphone

FOH engineer Ian Zorbaugh noted, “The show designer came to me looking for a ‘vibey’ microphone for two of our vocalists to sing into together. I wanted to give the designer a look he liked, while also achieving a sound quality that I was happy with. I’d heard great things about the sonics of all of the Ear Trumpet products, and obviously, they have a very distinctive vibe. The Edwina sounds great; it has a very detailed, open sound while also being very stable. We use it at the end of a 40-foot thrust, well in front of the PA, so the stability was another key element in making this particular moment in our show a success.”

Lead singer Matthew Ramsey notes, “Playing a new song in our set comes with the risk of losing the full attention of our audience because they aren’t familiar with it. On top of that, it’s somewhat of a ballad. We wanted to make sure this song had its moment [so] when the light hits that microphone at the end of the stage, the crowd instantly knows something special is about to happen, Not only is it great sonically for catching the mix of Brad Tursi’s vocal and mine together, it just looks cool, too.”

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