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The Other Class of 2007


While it may seem our industry’s main source of revenue is being jam-packed into a three- or four-month touring season, more venues are opening, attracting top-tiered local, national and international artists year round.

Bliss Lounge

Even though the trendy clubs of New York City are just a hop, skip and jump away, Bliss Lounge (Clifton, N.J.) is attracting top DJs and rock/Latin/dance music artists. The 1,000-person-capacity space was renovated prior to its reopening earlier this year. Joe Lodi, owner and chief designer of Advanced Audio Technology, and his partner and head of installation, Angelo Poulos, designed and installed the new system, which includes an AAT custom DJ console, three-way loudspeakers and subs alongside an Allen & Heath X:one 92 mixer in the DJ booth. Lodi positioned four Turbosound TA-500s on each side of the dancefloor across its length, about 12 feet off the ground and pitched down 30 degrees. Four custom EAW slot tweeter arrays are positioned slightly in front of the TA-500s and correspondingly delayed; all are powered by MC2 amplifiers.

WK Kellogg Auditorium

The WK Kellogg Auditorium in Battle Creek, Mich., celebrated the Kellogg Company’s 100th anniversary with a complete renovation, spec’d by Austin, Texas-based BAi, LLC. The original building seated 2,000 and was used for numerous events, such as concerts by the Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra and the Battle Creek Brass Band. Today, the venue hosts a new orchestra shell and redesigned acoustics, lighting, audio and video systems. Working with Architects Inc. and theatrical consultants Jones & Phillips Associates, BAi incorporated JBL VRX932LA loudspeakers, two new side-projection screens — all eyebrowed so the loudspeakers could be heard but not seen. With no space to hang subwoofers, two JBL 4893 subs were placed in organ chambers on each side of the stage. Additionally, portable JBL AM6215 loudspeakers are used as sidefills, while JBL Control28T wall-mount loudspeakers were installed in the under-balcony areas.

Sears Centre

Westbury National Show Systems spec’d a JBL PD and AE Series loudspeakers for Sears Centre, the Midwest’s newest multipurpose arena, 30 miles northwest of Chicago in Hoffman Estates, Ill. The 11,000-seat venue is arranged in a horseshoe pattern. Four clusters of three JBL PD5212/64 loudspeakers were placed along the north and south sides, while two clusters of two were hung in the northwest and southwest corners. Additionally, two clusters of three PD5212/64s are located on the west end. Two clusters of four PD5212/95 loudspeakers cover the ice surface. Four pairs of JBL ASB6128V subs arranged on the sides. Crown I-Tech and CTs Series amps power the system, with processing handled by BSS Soundweb London.

Glass Cactus

Built on the grounds of the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in Lake Grapevine, Texas, the $16 million Glass Cactus covers a total of 39,000 square feet and accommodates 1,500 people. The new audio system was installed by Clair Bros. Systems and designed by WJHW. To counteract the hard surfaces (including the hardwood and concrete floors — and much glass), WJHW performed extensive computer modeling to balance the presence of the natural finishes with the concealed acoustical treatment. WJHW spec’d a JBL VerTec line array (six VT4888s, three VT887s, six ASB6128V subs, AM6212 for delay fills for the first floor/under-balcony area and 15 Control 29AV1 in the outdoor patio area).

Henderson Pavilion

Just southeast of Las Vegas, Henderson Pavilion received a full audio redesign/install, thanks to OSA International’s national design/build Integrated Solutions division. The Henderson Pavilion at Liberty Point is a semi-enclosed concert venue. While much consideration was given to use existing equipment, the FOH system now comprises 18 JBL VT4888 VerTec boxes and 12 VT4882 subs; VRX932LAs cover front-fill, while the seating grass area is covered by AM4212s that have been weatherized. Three dbx DriveRack 4800s provide processing for the FOH and lawn P.A.; system control is via Crown CTs 3000 amps. Visiting engineers can mix on a Yamaha M7CL board and make use of a full stock of outboard and Audix mics.

OSA account executive Greg Snyder oversaw the project, while VP/systems engineer Jim Risgin commissioned and provided tuning using JBL’s Array Calculation software. The city’s Shawn McDermott oversaw the project.

In the Venue

Salt Lake City’s In the Venue, a three-floor, 1,600-capacity live music club, features a new system, which includes two Soundcraft consoles: a 48-channel Series FIVE at front of house and 48-channel SM12 running monitors. Local contractor/dealer Sonolux LLC installed the system under the direction of its principal, Rolando “Rolo” Casos, who also serves as the club’s head engineer. Casos also flew twin six-box arrays of JBL VerTec VT4887 enclosures with six EAW BH760 subs per side ground-stacked below, all powered by nine Crown CDi 1000 and 2000 power amplifiers. BSS and dbx processing round out the new gear.