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Powersoft Backs Club’s Concrete System

A Powersoft DCell504 IS high power amplifier module was recently installed at the Club SUB in Wiener Neustadt.

Wiener Neustadt, Austrtia (December 19, 2013)—A Powersoft DCell504 IS high power amplifier module was recently installed at the Club SUB in Wiener Neustadt.

The club is located in a heavily-populated part of the city, so the sound system needed to be placed on acoustic isolation to avoid noise pollution, but also achieve the low frequency necessary for live and DJ-derived music and arts presentations. Project managers Wolfgang Sauter (from pro performance) and Reinhard Nell (from Lambda Labs) applied their knowledge of high-performance concrete ‘closed box’ enclosures and amping to accomplish this. The drivers were developed especially for this application, going through 10 prototype stages, while the club owners helped with casting the concrete loudspeaker enclosures.

For the rear wall, behind the 6 x 5 meter stage, 400 kg special concrete blocks were cast and set into a 6 x 3 meter wall, using 13 tons of heavy concrete and a further 35 tons for the foundation. “It was extremely difficult to handle these enclosures with small forklift trucks and build the 50 cm. deep low frequency absorber,” recalls Lambda Labs’ German-based director, Steffen Kroschel. “Behind the wall is sand, and under the wall, Mr. Sauter chose material that is used for highway construction.”

Each concrete block serves as a loudspeaker enclosure with a pressure-resistant rear chamber. A self-enveloped 15″ speaker was produced and adapted to the unusual demands of this project. The single chassis are designed to act together like one single swinging wall, in a similar principle to a piston in a cylinder.

Every driver is powered by its own dedicated amplifier module to take advantage of shortest cable runs. As a long-term partner of Lambda Labs, Reinhard Nell chose Powersoft to provide amping for the ‘Wall of Bass’ while Lambda Labs supported the installation with items like amplifier mounting frames.

“As we have been using Powersoft amplifiers in our regular self-powered loudspeakers for four years, it was obvious to choose the company again for this project as we have a lot of experience with their modules, such as the Digimod 1500, which we use successfully in our subwoofer product MF-15A and our full range enclosure TX-3A,” Kroschel said. “Their amplifiers deliver stable power also in the low frequency range, are small and lightweight and fulfill most of our demands regarding sound quality. For the project, we used the D-Cell, because it is very compact and still delivers plenty of power.

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