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HOW Sound

Pulse Keeps the Beat at U.S. Bank Stadium

CCM event for 50,000 takes on U.S. Bank Stadium’s challenging acoustics.

Minneapolis, MN (July 6, 2018)—The massive U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis recently became a house of worship for a day when it hosted Pulse – Twin Cities, a CCM festival headlined by LeCrae, Hillsong, and Jaberwockies, among others. Reach Communications provided audio for the 50,000 in attendance.

Handling audio in the new stadium is no simple task; the $1.1 billion venue quickly earned a reputation for questionable acoustics when it opened last year.

Nexo Vibes with All Time Low

With that in mind, Reach Communications providing a 360-degree Nexo system based around Nexo STM boxes, with STM as Main, Out, Side and Delays; S12 as Rear; and M10 for front fills. Subs were a combination of flown and stacked STM S118, as well as cardioid-stacked Nexo RS18s.

Four hangs of 15 STM M46/B112 main and bass boxes were hung—two for the left-right and two for side hangs. Each hang additionally sported a pair of STM M28 downfills. Supplementing that, eight STM S118 subs were flown per side, and a dozen RS18s and eight STM S118s were on the ground on each side. Behind the stage were a pair of hangs consisting of a dozen GEO S12 cabinets.

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The system was powered by 62 NX4x4 amplifiers over Dante, with an analog backup. System control, EQ, and delays were matrixed from a Lake LM26 and three LM44s.

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