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PWS Opens New York Office

The longtime wireless provider adds a Northeast presence.

New York, NY (March 13, 2019)—Aiming to better serve customers in the northeast, Professional Wireless Systems has opened an office in New York.

PWS is already a familiar presence in the region, as it has long had a strong customer base there, and it is owned by New Jersey-based Masque Sound, a longtime mainstay of the Broadway and regional live sound industry. The New York office is headed up by RF Technician Don Kuser, who has been working as an RF coordinator since 2012. His experience includes TV studio projects throughout Manhattan, working on area awards shows and time spent in the fashion production industry.

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“This is a very exciting opportunity as I have been a huge fan of Professional Wireless Systems since I began working,” Kuser adds. “With the products and experience the organization brings to the table, I think we can go great things. Sales, customer support, project management, RF coordination – we have everything necessary to create successful projects and events for clients throughout the region.”

PWS general manager Jim Van Winkle added, “Being able to provide local support and service with a trained, experienced professional is going to be a win for everyone involved. As our footprint expands so does our ability to create and implement events flawlessly for customers everywhere.”

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